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Our next show we will be discussing the Mystical aspects of Tarot, are there any questions you have had on this sacred system? Have you been interested in the past and didn't know where to start? Now is your chance to bring these discussions into the light, and we will do our best to address your questions or ideas during the show - hope to see you there!

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i would love to hear more about ancient civilizations if possible. like summer for example and their mysticism and spirituality.

History of the Tarot? Best/Most popular tarot decks to use? Small tips on thing to do when you are laying out your cards. Sample readings? Any connection to Egypt? Explanations of the Major Arcana cards? Information on the French Deck, I believe it is called the "Marsailles" .

hehe, thanks Daniel, here you go Sarah :)


I couldn't help myself: Am I really a genius?  I haven't corrected anybody grammar of late so I can't be a genius.  Oh well, I'll just have to live with disappointment.


Bill.. the little I know of You tell me that You're quite the intellect. Genius? Grammar? hmm.. not overly sure about that just yet. ; )

Haha, funny

It is difficult to study the history of the Tarot Cards because much of it is embellishment.  I personally could only trace the Tarot Cards back to a mentioning of a Judge Nino Visconti in Dante Alighieri's La Divina Commedia written in the beginning of the fourteenth century.   The VISCONTI Tarot Cards are one of the oldest deck in existence.

My favorite is the Marsailles Tarot Cards but it is difficult to get your hands on an original deck today.  There are too many fake Marsailles Tarot Cards out there.  You will recognize them by there too bright colors: gaudy looking.   The Marsailles deck is great because of its simplicity: there are no embellishments like the hundreds of decks (on any conceivable topic) that have come out in the last four decades.  Those that study Tarot would rather the simplicity of the Marsailles because all modern decks are personalized by their creators with embellishments codifying their own theories and hypothesis into the cards with all kinds of symbols and images and extravaganza extraordinaire and therefore those cards are worthless.

The concepts that are codified into the original Tarot Cards have been in existence since the dawn of time and I mean that literally.  Putting these concepts into pictorial form were seen for thousands of years previously in Astrology and the Hebrew Alphabet.  

The Tarot Cards themselves seem to have been developed in about the twelfth and thirteenth centuries.    I say this because of the twelve COURT CARDS (King, Queen Jack and Knave - these are very similar to the Chess pieces King, Queen, Bishop and Knight) relating to the twelve signs of the Zodiac and pip cards in four suits from 2-10 point to the 36-decans of the Zodiac and the four ACES point to the four suits themselves.  These are the same as the 52-deck of playing cards.  There are only two jokers; however, there should be four making the deck 56-Minor Arcana Tarot Cards because there should be one joker for each suit as there are four Knaves (Jokers).

The Tarot Cards are more of a contemplative device; however, do to the Church's frowning on them and calling them the Devil's Cards they were past off as a parlor game: hence the modern day playing cards.

As you can see outside of equating the Tarot Cards to Astrology and the Hebrew Alphabet: the alphanumeric system there really is not too much of a history on the cards themselves.

There are Sibylline Cards that even give every pip card a pictorial image.

I think that the initiate should view all these symbolic images as contemplative tools on the Esoteric Science.  Whole cities are created by Mystery Schools so the members of the group can walk within their own City of God.  They are living in a grand meditation.  That is why all of these great literary works, monuments and artworks were created: so that members of the group will have contemplative tools to work with on a daily basis.  That is what the Tarot Cards are: not fortune telling tools: that would be Satanism.

Beginner here!

All known *Origins of the Tarot! This is widely debated about, would be great to hear any more information on it.

has the tarot show been rescheduled?

Hi there William, my apologies but this page didn't get updated. Rest assured you haven't missed it, and will be occurring next week - hope to see you there!

OK.. thought I'd already posted this but seems not.

There are discrepencies regarding the Qabalistic Tree of Life pathworking & tarot correspondences.

I am interested in the interchanging use of the Emperor & Star cards.. Tiferet to Chokmah & Yesod to Netzach paths respectively.



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