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Greetings Seekers, we have some Mystic Radio Shows lined up for you and would like to know your thoughts on what you would like to hear discussed! This is part of an ongoing effort for as much community transparency and involvement as possible, please help the community by  letting us know any ideas for the shows here.

Our next show we will be discussing the Mystical aspects of Tarot, are there any questions you have had on this sacred system? Have you been interested in the past and didn't know where to start? Now is your chance to bring these discussions into the light, and we will do our best to address your questions or ideas during the show - hope to see you there!

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Looking forward to it.

All of these questions are so good, I can't wait for the show!!


I see you have given the name Valentin Tomberg's as the author of Meditations on the Tarot: A Journey into Christian Hermeticism.  I have the 2002 addition translated by Robert Powell; however, nowhere in this book is the name Valentin Tomberg.  I looked up the name in in Wikipedia and sure enough they have him down as the author.  This work says it was written by an ANONYMOUS author.

I thought that you would be interested in that.  I have to get back into reading it again if we are going to have a discussion on this book.


I'm glad I joined just in time to catch a Tarot show tomorrow night. Very nice

Cheers for the delay. Content's the most important thing. Appreciated.

..& Greetings to You Lalitha.

This is the one I speak of.

Depending upon which diagram being observed, the Star & Emperor cards are often depicted thus..

This interests me..

I never understood positioning the alphabet to the three columns.  What I mean is that I don't understand how you can position individual letters to the arms and columns that are shown in the diagram.  Where is the tradition or even the logic as to why the positioning?

Is there any book on how or why this is done in the manner presented?

To tell you the truth I am more of a nuance guy.  What I mean by that is that I am constantly meditating on symbols and ideas to eke out more of the esoteric.  If I can not say why something exist or the way it is in the Tree of Life how could I nuance conceptually what it is saying esoterically?

I understand Boaz (moon) being the right column and the left column being Jachin (sun).

I understand the three columns represent the seven double letters, and three cross bars are the three mother letters and the twelve diagonals are the twelve single letters, however, what is it that determines bottom to top positioning: the numerical order?

This is what I would like to see discussed on the radio show and even here.

Commenting post-live discussion. Excellent, excellent talk on the subject. I was able to catch it and digest it this morning after being called off work due to a large system of rain passing over the entire eastern half of the US (fodder for a different type of discussion). I wrote down some related intuitions about halfway through which synchronously moved toward ideas about the Minor Arcana, discussed later in the talk. I approach Tarot as a means of self knowledge and divination, but not currently as a method of reading for others.

Here is my developing idea, sparked by this talk:

The individual cards can function as "balances" of a particular polarized archetype. 

The Majors represent (or can be seen to represent) the self split into 21 major polarities.They dissect the man and show him the Microcosm. These consist in things like focus vs. mental lethargy (1), hidden vs. revealed (2), creation vs. destruction (3), vitality vs. impotence (4), knowledge vs. ignorance (5), pride vs. humility (8 the Strength card, as discussed). In a previous study session I wrote -- Magician through Hierophant teach: Observing, remembering, Imagining, reasoning, and listening. 

Reading of the Minors is said to be complex, though it is not necessarily difficult and I really like the way Ben broke it down. Minors are strongly related to the elements. They show external situations/options while Majors represent one's internal affairs. Along with the elements, the suits are thus: to will, to know to dare, to be silent. These can be seen as four choices in how to handle a given situation. Thusly, to work with either intention, intuition, direct action, or passivity.


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