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Welcome to mystical knowledge. This esoteric group discusses everything to do with occult knowledge, hidden agendas & spirtual practices such as yoga , quabbalah, ritual and much more.

All the subjects disscussed here are based on my own personal experiences with the occult and matters that are kept hidden from the public eye, im in no way asking you to believe everything I discuss in this group but i will appreciate it if you would take the time to do some research for youself on the subject.

From my own reasearch on occult knowledge and occult groups I  came across a terrifying revelation that there is an organization of memebers with high occult knowledge who seek to keep humanity in darkness about their true divine origins to keep us contolled and powerless.

As we become more and more concious we can look at the bigger picture and realise that we are not the enemy, the enemy isnt even human but hes is pressing all our switches to keep us fighting and sepereated that we dont realise our own divine nature.




Before the first earth cataclism humanity had advance spiritual and occult understanding. Just look at the pyraminds, historians tell us egyptians slaves built the pyramid using their tools but yet each stone is carved out and positioned almost perfectly that you cant even fit a paper between then, and they expect us to belive slave labour built them when it will take over 5 year to build the great pyramid using today latest technology, there is something we are not being told.



If we rewind back to pre acient time humanity was much more spiritualy advance.

everyone knew who they were, who they have been in previous life time and what they needed to improve to be able to evolve,. the govennors of society were the people who were the most spiritualy advanced at the time. At a certain period in time there was a graet cataclism on earth which was prophecied  destroying civilazation. As civilazation started again and our solar passed through an era called the era of great forgeting a few who still had the sacred knowledge kept the

knowledge secret and from behind the viels aided humanity to advance, these few who still possesed this occult knowledge were known as the illuminati.



the illuminati started of from good origins with good intentions to help humanity advance spiritualy but it was infiltrated by entities who wish to control and enslave the humankind. the illuminati wasnt the only occult order that has bee infiltrated various other occult orders with good intentions who still possesd the sacred knowledge were infiltrated and now adays most of the occult orders are run by people who which to control and enslave, using this sacred science of the acients agains us.





Our world i bieng taken over by a dark brotherhood who has kept humanity in illusion and confused on who we really are, it is time to wake up from our sleep state turn of the tvs and all of those pointless things that have been used to keep us distracted and stop us from looking inside ourself and embrace our inner genius.


our world is lacking spirutuality, everyone seems to be in constant fear of things that do not even matter such as the fear of what other people think, fear of expressing their divine uniqueness , the fear of taking action, but it is time to break free from these mental prisons and express our full potential.


lesson 1


The acient sages use to say the way to achieve genius or god head is through meditation. before were can conquere the spiritual we must first conqure the earthly so we must first learn to control our earthly emotions such as fear, lust, hate ect.... in order to achieve this you must train your mind to concentrate on a singular thought. the goal is to achieve total inner silence, onece you have achived this you can hear what its called as your inner voice.


















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Comment by Rachel Young on July 10, 2012 at 10:25pm

I read somewhere that soon everyones DNA will change from carbon to Crystal. Crystals mmm, I wondered why they say crystals react  with our natural magnetic energy.

Comment by Rachel Young on June 28, 2012 at 1:35pm

Totally cool stuff but I'm at Job Corps right now and they block out most videos for me. I'm going to be one of the only people at job corps during the summer, but i'll probabally be the only one here making some money while on break not counting Deronya. I'll be almost alone for at least three weeks, my break starts July 2nd.

Comment by yesrol james on November 17, 2011 at 6:04pm

love this,great..........



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