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... during a time of seeking, I recently was shown a secret from the Divine... I have wondered in the past "why the social security numbers, and other similar formats of number tracking of individuals in society, throughout the world...  as I begin to seek answers regarding this, I was amazed at what I was shown... ( I cannot speak for how this formula is applied to other cultures' number systems, only the SS system in the US... and I cannot attest to how accurate this is for those who have limited enlightenment as to understanding of this)

... the formula is this:

The first 3 numbers of the SS#- reduce down to a single number, using basic numerology priniciples...

Do the same for the second 2 #s in the middle of the 9 digit number...

Do this again for the remaining 4 numbers also...

On a sheet of clean paper, put each of the 3 numbers in order at the top of your sheet...separated by a space between.... 

Look up the corresponding Hebrew alphabet-letter for each number, write it down just under each number, the under that... list the meanings of the letter...   

Meditate on these... as there are multiple meanings to each letter... and Spirit will reveal those which apply to you... 

As you continue to seek revelation for what Spirit is revealing about your numbers, you will begin to form a statement of your lifepath... your supreme purpose... 

I will share my results as an example:

my first reduced number, a 2: & meanings applicable to me:  House & Family

my second reduced number, an 8: & meanings applicable to me: inner-room, separate, protect

my third reduced number, a 4: & meanings applicable to me: path, way of life, movement going out and coming in

As I continued to pray and seek about the answer to this, the full revelation of the 3 connected numbers was:

" In my home, concerning my family, especially children, to keep myself and my family members separate, protected, from the world, evil, contamination, ... this is my high-call, my lifepath, and will be always my coming in and going out..."

Interestingly, my dominant card for myself is always the Empress... with a child seated on my lap... and the recurring card for my lifepath is always the World card... ( Golden Tarot) with the woman sheltering many children under her garment...  {personal side note here- I am presently the parent of 14 children [not all bio], an early education teacher, have parented more than 25 additional children}

Also, I looked at the total of the numbers of my SS#... it totals 41...

The Hebrew meaning for the number 40... from water.. and I am a Cancer... and one of the meanings for the Hebrew number 1 is "to teach"  

I was told this from Spirit:  " this is the encoded "purpose of my life" derived from my SS#..."

I cannot attest to whether this will apply to all who may seek an answer similar for their number... but I was astounded    The Divine never ceases to amaze... 

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... if anyone else tries the formula out and comes up with interesting results... please share... :)

Yes,through Mediation the divine never ceases to amaze!...Yet i find the Chaldean system, St.Germain's & Chiero's numerology most accurate till date:)

LoveLight n''Blessings!!!

Adam,... could you share a link info on the sources you mention... I would like to see if there is any congruency with the result I achieved with use of the Hebrew alphabet...

Chaldeans so far for me are the most accurate ancient source. They also say that sound plays a very mystifying role in numerology!

St Germains book Practical astrology is a very good read here are the numbers which are derived from kabbalah and the traditions of Rosicrucians.

A 1

B 2

C 2






TH 9

I 1

J 1

K 2

L 3

M 4

N 5

O 7

P 8

Q 1

R 2

S 3

T 4

TS 9

U 6

V 6

W 6

X 6

Y 1

Z 7

Cheiro is a genius as well and one of personal favourite :)


Enjoy...Many Blessings!!!

... thank you so much...  


Hi Sidonie!! I love how you have figured out this wonderful tribute to the divine hand that numbers are. Thank you for sharing. I am very grateful to you for dividing the numbers in the three segments and gleaning insight from each of the the three sets. I had added up all mine together before and was delighted by my one number!

But today when doing it as you suggest above - each segment does indeed have its own story!! and I am further delighted as I am living my numbers!!!! I see the 1st number is our Human (feminine/Soul) potential, the 2nd Spiritual (masculine/Spirit) and the 3rd is the Divine (Unity/I AM Essence)

There are absolutely no accidents as to why the numbers in our lives come to us like SS # and check out the time of your also reveals your special timing with respect to purpose and teaching.

I use both the Runes (Uthark version) and the Tarot (Thoth) to derive narrative of numbers (and my own intuition which expands on both systems - one of the books I am writing is about the Power ofNumbers: the Lost Language of Light):

This is just a small example - there are many permutations! For instance my birth time is 12:45 ~12 + 9 = 21/3  also add 1+2 = 3 to 9 = 12/ 3 since numbers are never reduced and stay whole as here 12 birthed 3 : you can add the 12+3 = 15 which is Pan and 6 is the Lovers (Unity of Masculine and Feminine in the sacred marriage of respect) that is the 3rd eye.

As I said there is much more info here but try it with your birth time and play with all the different combos and figure out all the messages!!

Also in my birth time I found the energy of the 3rd chakra is 21/12/3 = 9 which is my work in assisting others to find their power (as I have found mine) - 9 is the Source field inner and outer of the Muses! The Muses sing to me their secrets about numbers!

The Muses are singing to you .... probably more work with numbers in your future? (!)

Love SwanRa

Numbers are about Music: It is about equality and quality! We of course have both in us so it is the combo of how we express our human spiritual divine music.

I took your numbers above and used the runes to extrapolate the Human spiritual and Divine values:

H: 14/5 or 19 (first chakra is 19/10/01) S: also 14/5 and D: is 7. 14 + 14 = 28: the Mansions of the Moon and as a Cancer you are a Moon child and work with the phases of the Moon if you resonate to this.

The two 5's are power of voice: The Hierophant within that will realize the 7 if you choose.

In the Runes 14 is the Art of Peace - it is the Peace Sign upright - like a tree reaching up. The Peace sign is the tree reaching down.  7 is the Chariot - it is about Choice - the power of words to create - it too is about Peace in the Runes. It is the Rune of Self-Esteem.  All words have numbers all words have music.

28 + 7 = 35: 8 Justice that is the Mothering Rune!! Bringing into being!! (Of course there are more permutations but I see where 28 = 10 Wheel of Fortune and 7 = 17 The Star....)

You have the very great potential to bring heaven to earth this life time through voice!! You go girl!!


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