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We are One.
or .... limited by who we say we are?
We are Spiritual beings enjoying( or Not ) Human experience. Dancing, walking or stumbeling thru Karmic passages. Personally I am flying at times. LOL. Sorounded by Love and Light and ignoring All else.
I feel very lucky to be here in this Reality we call Time and Space. Living in contradictions just makes one realize what he/she is really after.
Better and Better
We are nothing and everything simultaneously. If we are to say anything in-between, we would no longer be, but would then be that which we have said we are.
We are Incarnations ... and every thing posted here before I did ... and even more, I think.

We Are Bringing Sexy Back


We are reincarnations of the first fallen; trapped in a flesh experience until we morph and or transcend.

We are who we make ourselves to be, through spiritual and mindful experiences.

We are star dust :)


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