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Olome Lum directly translates into Wisdom of Light, Wisdom of Luminiferous or Knowledge of Know.

The goal of this group is to decipher and hack the mechanics of the world and ultimately that of our own consciousness.

We do not necessarily seek to find a peaceful higher consciousness like those of monks, but rather, to increase motivation, gamma brainwaves, in order to achieve a super consciousness.

Normal people, have basic understanding of methods that allows them to increase their motivation. Such as, give a compliment to someone, or award yourself with a popsicle. However, our goal is to take it further and gain an insight in the deeper mechanics. We believe there is a way to find a method that increases motivation, while motifying its expression in a way that increases motivation even more, thus creating a cycle. This cycle will allow us to achieve motivation that is thousands of times higher than what is considered standard.

We will be able to do the same thing for about anything else that will increase gamma waves and ultimately create a super consciousness.

There used to be a forum, containing a group of people who were interested in finishing the game Zelda: Ocarina of Time, in the shortest possible time. One day, someone found a glitch in the game that allowed them to fly from one level to the other. Allowing them to finish the game in a few hours. However, the glitches they found multiplied among the years, as they shared them together. Ultimately beating the game in under 18 minutes.

We can look at this world as a similar game. Not one that we want to finish in the shortest amount of time, but one in which we want to achieve the highest consciousness.

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More duality...sigh

Started by The Initiate Nov 8, 2015. 0 Replies

to just be.looking at the circuitous pathways, do we cause the nature of the serpent by the observation of the self, by the story of buby? When we personalize the story? Is no discussion appropriate?…Continue

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Comment by anki on October 3, 2015 at 10:32am

do you think these knots you spoke about are building blocks of the inner structure that is the ego?

Comment by Luminiferous on September 25, 2015 at 4:08pm

The great Chuchul, appeared out of nowhere.

It walked, and moved, without any internal mechanics restraining its brewing life force of love and connection. Completely sensitive. It did not harden itself in result of suspecting to be attacked by the serpent, yet it knew, it can be stung any moment. Infact, while living like this, it was continually stung. Yet it remained, unrestrained. This is courage. For Chuchuli, really had a cherry, bigger even of that of Buby.

It was Chuchuli's, new reality. Its sensations, feelings, thoughts and intuitions, first unperceived, now fully tasted. The most delicious cherry.

Comment by Luminiferous on September 25, 2015 at 3:59pm

We are going to fry Buby on a hot grill. Who will join us in this feast? The buby, that sets us free, has been freed into our freedom.

We will put it outside, throw him out of the door and lock him outside.

Do you want to know what I hate most about Buby?

It, one time, cherished a cherry. But one day, its cherry got stolen by a bear. Ever since that day, Buby restrained itself from cherishing anything as much as it did that cherry, because Buby, well BUBY, did not want to go through that pain again.

Before cherishing that cherry, Buby used to be free. It moved through love on a desert filled with serpents. These serpents, would sting anyone  who they deemed had no death instinct to fight back. Buby, had no death instinct. It moved through the deserts and was stung uncountable times. It realized, that it's all because of its baby face, this little Buby was cute as virgin pigs. The next day, it decided to restrain its free expression of happiness, cuteness and love, and decided to walk, as if ready to be attacked. It knew, the serpents can sense this and would be less prone to sting. This became an internal pattern, the desert became a structure.

Comment by Luminiferous on September 25, 2015 at 3:38pm

The greatest mistake is to force yourself to commit your life to hostility, hatred and destruction. The greatest mistake is to force yourself to commit your life to empathy, caring and love.

To force yourself to do these things, you're shaping these elements as the end goal, instead of the means. The wings that they are. The wings that allow you to fly to the unperceived consciousness. For you do not even know what awaits you there. Ignoring the glimpses your unconscious slips to you through your dreams, it remains nameless.

This is not a mere "everyone has a dark side and a good side". Only through understanding the male and feminine will you know, what both these poles represent and why. The only way to deny it is to push it back to your unconscious.

But do you really want to fly?

The feelings of love, unravel the knots that imprisoned the serpent. Therefore, through the years, little Buby has been a big idiot for suppressing its serpent. For it is done through suppressing the true love.

Buby is a bit crazy, pretending it is solely love now, for it has forced itself to act in love. But does Buby truly move in love? No, it does not.

When you empathize, connect socially through love, the knots will be unravelled.

Comment by Laura Lee Zarazua on September 24, 2015 at 2:45pm

The serpent and I are well aquainted. It's a love-hate relationship. One that has taken on greater importance more now than ever. I couldn't help smile and even let out a few chuckles. The Web and this website in particular is playing a role that is becoming increasingly apparent. For this I am very grateful. It's been a long battle, one that I have grown weary of and too often felt alone in but now its like the troops are on the horizon approaching at amazing speed for reinforcement. These are you my friends. I am strengthened in this and the realization that effort has not been wasted and that in the end we will all reach our inherent goal. If you prefer you can replace the term troops with any desired image, Angels, Guides, Gods, its the same from different perspectives. I used troops because Truth has many symbols and I have a vision of it bearing a sword at this time.

Comment by anki on August 12, 2015 at 1:25pm

that is exactly what i needed right now thanks so much :)

helped a great deal making sense out of my own subconscious processes

Comment by Luminiferous on August 12, 2015 at 8:24am

Introduction 2:

The serpent is evoked through friction of the opposites. Therefore, in order to evoke it, we need to analyze our own current structures. If you are a person that had a good upbringing, with norms and values, these could now be part of your current structures to some degree.

For example, you sit in a bus, there are a series of things, unconsciously, affecting your behaviour. Your structures of norms and values, depending on their intensity, may range somewhere along the lines to prevent behaviour that steps outside the boundaries of normalcy.

You may want to prevent making eye contact for too long, as it is quite weird to stare into someones eyes for more than 3 seconds, especially if you put on a creepy smile afterwards, like hehe and raising your eye brows. Especially if you then stare at their crotch and scream NICE while mainting a sharp eye contact.

Then again, some people, have no problem to exhibiting anti social behaviour. If these people, exert anti social behaviour, the serpent is not evoked, for it is evoked through the friction of opposites.

Social norms and values, should be ingrained into you so heavily, that when you deviate from them, a friction is caused. Thus is the serpent born.

These structures are built through the life force of the serpent. The greater these structures are, the more life force it required to create them. Therefore, to sacrifice them, it requires greater courage, for the serpent always comes with great fear. The greater sacrifice and the greater courage, equals greater blessings as all its life force will be freed and thus create a new structure, a new consciousness and thus a new reality.

Comment by Luminiferous on August 12, 2015 at 8:23am

Introduction 1:

When the serpent is evoked, it is prone to sting. This is the death instinct. The sting is aimed at destroying the old. It is the ouroborous eating its own tail.

The death instinct, the sting of the serpent, should be directed at structures, whether these are internal or external structures. This is the meaning of sacrifice.

The ego is a collection of structures. But so is an actual structure and so is a tree. Therefore, the serpent is chaos, structures are the order.

In neurological terms, these are the neural pathways. In order to intensify the construction of new or existing neural pathways, we need to evoke the serpent. Neural pathways are not established through time, but through the serpent. The greater the evokation of the serpent, the greater the establishment of neural pathways.

However this process is quite complicated when it comes to the sting. Because the structures of the old can greatly influence the sting. And it is the sting, that establishes the new order (through the destruction of the old order). So therefore when we speak of sublimation, it is rather the sting, that is being sublimated.

First of all, it's important to note the above is heavily summarized. For it is not merely a destruction of an old structure, being replaced by a new structure. There are billions of small structures, connecting and creating new structures. Partial destructions, being replaced by new structures, constantly changing from one moment to the next.

When we speak of the evokation of the serpent, we are not speaking of a rare event that is taking place. It's happening in everyone all the time, in milder forms. It is only noticable when its intensity is significant enough to be noticed. So the Kundalini experience, is a significant intensity.


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