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Decoding The Past - Prophecies Of Israel

A 40 min. documentary
by the History Channel

The prophecies of Israel, fortelling the fate of a nation and peoples - then and now.

Did Moses predict the destruction of the Temple by the Romans 1400 years before it happened?
Did Ezekiel predict the rise of Hitler?
What prophecies remain yet unfullfilled?

Do these prophecies refer to events that are still yet to happen? If that is the case then one could argue that we are seeing them come true right now.

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Thanks for sharing the videos. Indeed very informative. May The Lord God Almighty One bless us with The Light of The God of all the worlds.amen.

wonderful videos thank u. here is something that reminded me of it.

"When the sun equal is to the moon

And the summer rain washes the desert sun

Time will stand still for 5 min

For all the men, women and child time shall be still

And as the rain drops fall and lick the sand

It shall stand for one more day on earth

The al asqa the temple in the sands

The golden couple of them, the believers shall be no more

As the drill is following the rabbit holes

It digs deeper and deeper underneath the sands

With one hit the tower is hit

The woden pillar, the main building block

A crack, a shock, a scream than the silence,

The lamb has been slaughtered one more time.

With vengeance it came rushing down

With fire it covered the skys all around.

The grand al asqa has fallen with pride,


And men I saw hidden under its basements

Hidden undeaneath the stones,

Planning and plotting the outcome of this world


A tower than rose, high and mighty as it once was

With two giant pillars at its golden portals

With wings above the doors, lions heads on the handles

As the portal opened a red carpet rolled out

For him to walk on, the blind.,

The puppet on a string came in the city made of sand,


On the balcony I saw him stand

With red napkin waving his pale hand

A fake smile to hide his thoughts

A genuine coldness hidden in his soul.


Be ware, be ware of the man in red

The man in white and the man in black,

For them and and them alone shall bring it down

So the temple can be rebuild


Fire shall spread through out the city

Mayhem and chaos ruling the lands

Mother crying over her dead children

Father fighting for his right to pray.

In hands bloody she held him

A boy of just 5, blue eyes dark haired lifeless body

In his mothers helpless lap.


There they come, come all come see

The man on the metal horses

Coming to forbid your faith

Coming to be in control

Coming to make you pay for the right to exist,

No more your citys shall be yours

No more your houses shall be your temples

For anywhere those man go

Freedom is only a mirage,


Fire mushrooms rising high above the houses white

The stone white buildings in the sand

Covered in blood and ash.

For pity on those who dare to call a war holly,

See the beginning of this age dears

See how the world is purifying the dead

See the skeletons of the past rising

See the secret books come to lands"

- noname - 



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