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I saw the moon turn red

The sky torn in two

And the iron birds flying across the lands.

I saw the iron lady drop her facle and fall headless into the ocean

How those people were running and screaming in fear.


“Mother mother mother,  please mother where are you

Don’t cut my ears mother

I need them mother”


“Why? Why? Why I have no more strength to look.

Please stop and I don’t want to see anymore

Why me, why not him what have I done.”


From that day on the tower of Eifel shall be no more

For the sky shall be black and the air shall be orange.

There will be no peace until the fat lady sings

And sing it she shall.

Fire shall spread through all the lands

For there will only be peace after the war


The land of the free shall be land of the dead.

For it shall crack open and death will walk the earth.

People shall look for safety and none shall be found


The air shall be filthy and you shall not be able to breath.

The sea shall be black and all the fish will float lifeless

On the dry yellow shores of the lands of the world


There shall be no more world,  for he has arrived.

Bow down and meet your leader

For the lamb has been slaughtered,

And its blood has reached pure soul mother.


He is here mother see him walk the house of white.

He shall come with love and go with hate

For the house of white shall now be house of black

And no religion on earth shall save u now

For there is no hope when you yourself loved the hate.


The rockets shall tear the sky and burn the lands

The land of 52 shall now be 52 lands.

No more shall land of the free exist

And no more shall Paris exist.


3000000000000 of us shall die brothers

There will be a few left to recreate the human race

On the new earth and the new earth shall be called XCDS

And there you shall live the age of Aquarius


He shall come and fight the man of black.

His blood shall be given on the land so holy

Underneath the temple rebuild.


They have spoken and the triplets are now sited.

Me myself and I shall be the judge today

They are the witnesses of justice of faith

For his blood shall one more time spill for you

So the man on black will no longer be,

And you that fallowed him shall all be refused

To live inside XCDS for you had no faith


Dead you shall lye and also your children

For there come the 4 horsemen with the princess in white

The 1st lady of the swastika’s.

She shall arrive on a white horse and lead the army of the black.

For destined are you to watch the fight

Between white in black and black in white

Only so you shall see the true face of faith,


The bush shall burn again

For I shall speak to you

Before the fire is taken

One more time you will beg so the water will stop


It shall come, pour and drown all there is.

So the new can be reborn and a new generation can live

For you have poisoned this earth.


We no longer accept your actions.

You have taken your last step and the time is up.

The toll for your actions must be paid,

Pay it you shall with your lives.


Read my words and ask not why

For They are speaking you must die.

The triplets have decided for the time to end

The last cycle of the earth

A new line must now bend.


Please forgive me for I do not know what I am doing,

I only tell you to look and see the sin inside you

Forgive me I only wanted to help…


“Stop I don’t want to see anymore…

Please don’t make me look anymore”


Beware of the man in red for he is the one to fear

beware 13 – 06 -2010 for the dream shall than be over






stop the fire


“there is no more water we are dying of thirst,

why are you not answering”


“Blood is on our hands sisters… and in blood we shall bath.”


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