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The Mastery of Life is a document of the Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis intended for people who are considering joining the Order. It is given for free and without any obligations.

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Seekers might wish to contemplate and discuss what is meant by "mastery," and in just what way Life is to be mastered, as implied by the document.
I agree, and always contemplate it. Mastery of Life is intended for those who have not yet been exposed to Rosicrucianism, who may have an interest in it - so students can rest assured in this documents they will get some answers as to what self-mastery entails, as soon as page 7 ;)

But yes, contemplating what it means to master ones own life, will ALWAYS turn the consciousness inward towards the self, and prompt awareness of the student in way that are indescribable with words.
Thank you Tris

i will read it.
Excitorus, an excellent point! Many take "mastery" as the end result only, and not the processes. Mastery is the practice that leads to becoming a Master (which i am far from!).

One tenet that is repeatedly mentioned in the AMORC monographs is that the teachings are to awaken one so they can evolve, on all planes of existence. One whose goals is to master psychic abilities, without first mastering their own desires and consciousness, will not achieve "mastery of life".
Indeed, well said Journeying - Its a process, I most definitely could have spoken more clearly.

Concerning psychic abilities, these things occur naturally when one uses self-mastery in all aspects of their life. In my opinion this is a significant difference between some western and eastern traditions.

When activating energy centers for example there is so much information out there on "raising kundalini" or "activating chakras", this does more harm than good without first mastering one's desires and consciousness in general as you have said. As a matter of fact, it can sometimes cause serious physical or psychological issues in these cases.
Hi Tris,
I have a Mac and I only seem to be able to get the beautiful illustrations, the chapter titles appear as 000000's
have tried the 'open with' options that appear. Any advice for the tec' challenged on this. thankx
Hmm, that is odd - I have never heard of happening like that before, however I will look into it for you.
Thank you Tris and Taaraka, it did similar, so it is suggested it's my reader that needs changing.


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