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In ancient times, if you wished to study the great mysteries, you would travel to a temple and petition for admittance as a student. Once accepted as a beginning student, you would be known as a Neophyte, and you would enter the Atrium, or reception chamber of the temple. In the Atrium, you would receive preliminary instructions before being allowed to enter the main temple itself and study the higher teachings. Following the analogy of the ancient temples, the early lessons are called atrium lessons and beginning Rosicrucian students are called neophytes.

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Does the Rosicrucian Mystery School still exist today?
It is the Eternal College; It has always existed and ever will. The placards on the streets of Paris France at Tubigan Circle read that if a true Seekers' intentions were pure that the Invisible College of the Ancient and Mystical Order of the Rose Cross would appear to them and make their presence known. I hope that this comment is instrumental in helping you find your way to just that ̶ Antiquus Misticusque Ordo Rosae Crucis.
Peace Profound
Frater B.L.Seth
yes here is the site good luck on your path to knowledge

So here I am, in front of the temple. Waiting for a while now to get inside the temple. I am an aspiring neophyte! 

What can I do to get in to the temple?


dbdbI think it is quite silly that these people require our money.


Thank you Tris, for this labour of love - bringing The Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis to another facet of the information superhighway. 

I am a member of the Order, and must say that every effort and every dime I have put into it was worth it. It is aptly referred to as a University of Life, for the study of life or of nature is endless, nature itself being dynamic.

I am sure Angel Raymaker must by now have been linked via given by Joshua Rivera

May you be guided by the Cosmic Masters

I am a member of an Order affiliated with RC as well.

Humbly, we would like to offer as a companion to "Neophyte" in the study of the way of the "Rosy Cross", the link available within my signature.  Looking forward to much future growth of spirit.

Together, Many Form the Body of One. So glad we found this site, and many thanks to the Creator, for the opportunities we share.


Many of those who begin their Rosicrucian studies, want ..'instant enlightenment', & often complain the teachings are too slow. But, their is no such thing as "instant enlightenment" so, the gradual nature of the teaching, helps the Neophyte.

    I been living for  5 years very near a Rosicrucian temple.By "coincidence" and curiosity  I went inside there was  an open talk about love.I was very welcomed as if we were all old friends.Everybody expressed what they experienced and thought about love,reading from books and poems.I could take a bookabout the Tao.The people there were all very well educated with academics grades and polite.Im really looking fordward to go to a temple service soon.I think I will become a neophyte and I´m glad to join you in this group.

hi i am a neophyte in the order looking to meet others that have just joined so if u are just beginning or fairly new to AMORC please let me know and we can discus are experiences!

oh wow the lessons are right here on the site,,, haha amazing.

starting with this now


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