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A group for the discussion of tongues said to hold a sacred nature. Each letter and symbol carries a unique array of energies meant to instill some effect in the world.

Created with Sanskrit and Hebrew in mind, but please bring what you can to the table!

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Comment by Nemesis Fixx on October 21, 2016 at 9:11am

Since this is a group discussing esoteric languages (or perhaps languages from an esoteric perspective), it might be useful for some, to explore some technology experiment we use in modifying otherwise normal language, into either barbaric or entirely occult ciphers/forms.

The tool is :

These ideas are less popular outside of the more experimental Chaos magick circles - one of which I know to use these concepts actively being the group (Germany), that have their own artificial languages used in ritual formulae and such...

So, you can take a basic spell such as:

I conjure thee Samael

and using the Lumtauto transformations, encode it as:

I xemqaro gsoo Hunuol

Which you can slightly modify to a more pronounceable variation such as:

I kemqaro so Hunul

The advantages of these sorts of alterations to language, when used in Ritual Magick are profound -- experiment and see for yourself. But one classical example is how the use of exoteric/barbaric words of power in ritual formulae/incantations greatly enhances their emotive power even to those participants that know these are sometimes purely artificial languages. Masons, alchemists, shamans, etc all have used barbaric languages in their formulae, for these and more reasons.

The other quick example is how until modern times, critical/important parts of such mainstream religious rituals as the Catholic Mass required use of languages such as Latin -- the principles are not so different, and still, today, exorcism and other powerful rites still take advantage of this.

Explore/experiment and share what you find using these things in your own practical work.

Otherwise, other applications of this tool are to enable you to obfuscate/encode and hide your rituals or other work in occult ciphers -- the advantages of this are again apparent to the adept and initiate alike.

Cheers, and let's continue hacking language -- it serves magick.

If you are very interested in language and writing as it affects magick, perhaps you'll also find working with Tahuti/Thoth (God of writing and magick actually), also very useful. Let me know if you are interested in this line of work.

Comment by Fra .*. Disturabo .*. on December 11, 2015 at 3:54pm

If Y and J are the same as I ........

plus U & W are the same as V .....

(Or U & F are the same as V)

Then English only has 22 Letters ?? .........

22 is an important code - - Psalm 119 divided into 22,

chapters in Revelation = 22,

Lamentations of Jeremiah verses

chap 1 = 22  >  chap 2 = 22 > chap 3= 66  > chap 4 = 22   

Liber AL chap 1  = 22


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