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SACRED GEOMETRY AND SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT: How to Track the Geometric Effects of Spiritual Practices

How to Track the Geometric Effects of Spiritual Practices

By Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D.


Having a correct understanding — and reverence — for what Sacred Geometric forms really are requires knowing their source. The true essence and foundation of our world is pure consciousness: the Mind of the Godhead, that unified source of all Being whom the ancient Greeks called THE ONE. Both ancient spiritual traditions and many modern quantum physicists agree on this point, that consciousness is the foundation of the manifest world. (1)

The Thoughts in the Mind of God are pure patterns, which crystallize into the physical world — the world of Form — in the form of Sacred Geometry. Initiates into Sacred Geometry know that each of these patterns, these Sacred Geometric forms, holds specific powers of God. Every Power / Intent / Quality of the Divine Mind crystallizes into a form which is a revelation of its core pattern; the most perfect of these thoughts/powers in the Mind of God manifest as the most perfect and profound forms in Sacred Geometry.

Working with Sacred Geometry is in reality a Communion with the Mind of God.

Initiation into Sacred Geometry is a process of learning the form and function of these divine patterns, and how to practically apply them. Fundamental forms (to name just a few of the most obvious ones) include:

* The Sphere (the Primal Container for Energy and Consciousness);
* The Torus (the Primal Form to circulate energy dynamically, while keeping stable the perfect Spherical field of energy);
* The Spiral and the Vortex (Nature's form to move energy and consciousness from one location to another, through linking together straight line and curved movement);
* The Five and Six Pointed Stars (Primal 2-dimensional forms related respectively to etheric life force and to the astral body of consciousness);
* The Platonic Solids (the Five Perfect Transformations of the Sphere: each carries the power of one of the 5 Elements which create our world) and their star transformations such as the Star Tetrahedron.

There is of course a wide range of other important patterns, including many which are not found in standard geometric texts.


All the functions of our human physical body — and its many biological processes — are based on very specific structures. Each structure is specialized to create specific functions within our nervous system, heart, brain, lymph, etc. Similarly, our subtle energy fields are also based on specific geometries; some of these geometries are fundamental to all human beings and are found in everyone with only slight variations. However there are also Sacred Geometric patterns in the human energy field which crystallize as a result of how we choose to use our mind and energy. Different people can have very different Sacred Geometric structures within their subtle energy fields, based on their different vibrations and levels of consciousness.

What and how we feel, how we think, how we react to situations, and even the skills we possess are all based on the vibrations and qualities within our subtle bodies. The vibrations which we manifest by how we use our mind and energy will crystallize over time into specific stabilized Sacred Geometric forms within us. All of these can be improved and transformed to higher levels through conscious human action. Every major spiritual tradition on Earth has developed their own standardized set of practices to create precise transformations within the human being.


The relationship between the Sacred Geometric forms in the human subtle bodies on the one hand, and our internal states of energy and consciousness on the other hand, is of course a two-way street. The vibratory quality of our thoughts, emotions, and internal energies will create Sacred Geometric crystallizations within us, just as the direct application of Sacred Geometric patterns imprinted into the human energy field can affect and transform our internal states.

Both methods are used by Spiritual Traditions:

a) The Indirect Method which focuses on developing higher consciousness through meditation and self-awareness, which then creates Sacred Geometric forms in the practitioner's body (although they are normally not aware of this taking place); and

b) The Direct Method, which directly applies specific Geometric forms to the various subtle bodies through meditative and energetic practices.

This article will focus on how we can become conscious of the Sacred Geometric structures which any spiritual practice creates within us. Once we can track the effects of different practices on ourselves, we can then explore with much more safety the use of more advanced practices, such as the application of specific Geometries in our energy field. This more advanced work can include using Sacred Geometric forms which:

a) Create Resonance with specific higher worlds or higher beings ("Geometric Resonance") or

b) Emanate specific vibrations which we need for health and self-development
("Shape-Caused Waves"). (2)


Education in Sacred Geometry allows us to understand the functions of different types of geometric forms in our subtle energy fields. There are specific patterns which are intrinsically linked to particular layers of our subtle bodies, or spiritual planes. For instance, in the classical tradition there is a clear understanding of how the Pentagram and the Phi Ratio are intimately linked to the human body of Energy: what in the West we term the Etheric body, and in the East is called Chi, Ki, Prana etc.

The human body of consciousness ("Astral" body) is linked to different patterns, such as the Octahedron and its transformations such as the Star Tetrahedron (formed by "stellating" the Octahedron, which means literally turning it into a star form.) The Octahedron holds inside it the core pattern of the 3 dimensions of Space: Up-Down, Side to Side, and Front to Back. Connect together the ends of these 3 axes of energy and you create an Octahedron; this is a core blueprint for the astral plane, the first spiritual plane above the physical plane. If instead of connecting together the ends of these 3 axes to make an Octahedron, we place a Wall at both ends of all 3 axes we then create a Cube; this is the core blueprint for the physical plane, and as all Sacred Geometry students know the Cube is the "Dual" Form of the Octahedron. These two forms provide the blueprint for understanding the polarity between the physical plane and the astral plane.

With a solid grounding in the collective knowledge of the world's great spiritual traditions, we can begin our education in important Sacred Geometric forms and their precise applications. This collective knowledge is in reality our spiritual legacy and birthright, passed on to us from our forebears — and which we have the responsibility to cultivate and pass on to future generations.


It is important to understand that different spiritual traditions actually intentionally sculpt the subtle bodies of their initiates in different ways. This process of shaping the subtle bodies of their initiates allows these students to become receptacles for different types of divine energies, and for different types of spiritual perception and consciousness. Knowing that how we use our mind and energy creates stabilized geometric patterns in our subtle bodies, these traditions teach their initiates practices which will sculpt their subtle bodies in a way which brings about the specific powers and states of consciousness desired.

Think of the different spiritual traditions of our world as being similar to the organs of a body, with every organ having a different function. The world's great spiritual traditions all work together to create the unified function of the entire body of earthly spirituality; each particular organ is specialized for a specific function which the other organs are not specialized for. So we find that different traditions not only focus on the particular pieces of knowledge which that particular tradition excels in, but also their initiate's spiritual practices sculpt their subtle bodies so they can perform precise spiritual functions at a very advanced level.

Learning to perceive how different spiritual practices create these various geometries can begin with simply feeling the different vibrations coming from the energy fields of students from different traditions. One finds very different vibrations — and different stabilized geometric forms which crystallize that vibration — connected to Initiates in the Indian Yogic tradition as compared to a Taoist Priest, who is very different from a European Rosicrucian, who is very different from a Mayan Shaman, etc. Anyone can also become aware of the vibrational differences between these traditions just by meditating inside the temple/prayer space of a specific tradition, where these different vibrations build up to a high level. The vibrational feeling and resonance within a Taoist Temple may be very different from a Buddhist Temple, for instance.

To be clear, these differences are at their core not a matter of one tradition being more "true" or "better" than another: they are the vibrational differences related to the functions which that tradition holds for the world, the states of consciousness and spiritual abilities which their Initiates are specialists in.


Developing the ability to track the effects of different spiritual practices on us — including the Sacred Geometric forms and functions they create in our subtle bodies — is essential for modern independent spiritual seekers. This is because there has been a major change in the last hundred or so years regarding how many people follow a spiritual path. Before this time, throughout human recorded history the vast majority of people followed the spiritual path of a specific tradition, led by a guru or other spiritual leader. Today we have the remarkable development that millions of people are following an independent spiritual path in which they chart their own course, without following a specific tradition or guru.

Modern metaphysical students take in information from a wide variety of different sources, which we then do our best to put together into a coherent overall picture. We then have to choose our own set of spiritual practices, our own method of developing ourselves, out of the wide range of practices from different traditions and teachers which can be found in the modern metaphysical marketplace. This is a relatively recent development in human history, and we are in still in the early stages of this process; to be honest, much of our modern metaphysical culture is still in a kind of adolescent stage. Many metaphysical students end up with a lot of diverse and stimulating input from various sources, but it does not always come together into a coherent spiritual path — or a coherent crystallization of their subtle bodies to a higher state of development.

So one of the gifts of Sacred Geometry is that it can provide us with a frame of reference for how we are sculpting our subtle bodies. We can then become aware that every practice we do has its own particular effect on our body of energy. Through repetition, particular geometries become stabilized and crystallized in our body of energy. It all comes down to which particular energy or consciousness practices we choose to do and replicate over time. This is a vital choice for us because we have only limited time and energy do such practices, and our spiritual evolution depends on our choosing wisely.

So we have both "a blessing and a curse" in modern metaphysics. It is a "blessing" that we have access to so much information from so many different sources, which gives us a tremendous amount of freedom. We can choose what pieces of knowledge or practices we want to put together, to create a composite system which hopefully will provide the spiritual outcome which meets our particular needs. However it is a "curse" because following an independent spiritual path requires a tremendous amount of contextual knowledge and deep understanding; without this, it is impossible for us to make our own decisions and chart our own path without external guidance. In reality this is not really a "curse" at all, it is simply an essential step in the ongoing evolution of human spiritual freedom.

The positive aspect of joining a specific spiritual tradition is the guidance and proven methods it can provide to us. That tradition or guru knows how to structure our subtle body to have the same patterns theirs has, which are the patterns which that group needs in order to perform their spiritual functions for the world. The guru will take us through a series of practices and transmissions so that our subtle body gets structured in the way favored by that tradition. Your consciousness and your energy field then goes into resonance with theirs; this means also that your energy body is then connected to a particular set of spiritual forces, to which that entire tradition is attuned like an antenna. Initiates in the best of such spiritual traditions develop very high states of consciousness and spiritual abilities.

However there are obviously significant tradeoffs in choosing to follow one specific spiritual tradition or guru for the rest of one's life. While we may then have the gift of constant guidance on the path, we also tend to crystallize one particular spiritual perspective, so that there is not always a high degree of contextual understanding or freedom for us to develop a variety of different perspectives on higher spiritual realities. At its worst this can lead to fanaticism, or a type of fundamentalist approach, in asserting that only certain practices or forms are the 'true' forms (and that ours is the only 'true' religion which can lead us to heaven) rather than fostering an enlightened approach of learning the full range of divine forms and their specific functions.


For the millions of us who are on the independent path of spiritual development, learning to perceive exactly what effects any given form of spiritual practice has upon us is essential.

One simple yet highly effective method is to take a moment after any energetic or meditative practice to ask yourself the silent question: "How has this practice structured my body of Energy and my Consciousness?"

a) Feel the different vibrations in and around the body resulting from the practice: identify specific areas of increased vibration or lowered vibration. Identify specific chakras, acupuncture points, etc. which are more active. Map out the qualities you feel in the areas which feel different: do they feel Sticky or Smooth? Warm or Cold? Bright or Dark? For those attuned to the energetic spectrum of a particular quality (colors, sounds, smells, etc.) then these can also be used as metaphors to describe the specific qualities which are being developed in parts of the body affected by the practice.

b) Feel the energetic flow patterns in and around the body. What energy centers, organs, areas in or around the body do they flow between? What direction do they run? Does the energy circulation feel grounded and stable, or erratic and unstable? Does the energy flow inward or outward? Does it flow upwards or downwards? What is the 3-dimensional movement pattern of the energy flow? After checking out the above aspects, move your attention so that you can mentally see the entirety of your body and energetic fields from the outside; see the full context for each of the individual energy movements you identified, finding how these different movements connect to one another. Do you see greater geometric patterns, which the energy movements you found are in reality just the smaller parts of?

c) Become aware of any shifts in your emotions, and in your state of consciousness. What qualities of the emotions or the mind do you experience as a result of the practice?

d) At a higher level of development, one may become aware that the practice has activated a particular vibration and geometry in or around the body, which resonates with specific spiritual beings or planes. What do these beings or planes feel like, what images arise in the mind to represent their nature? Are there lines of connection to these beings being formed as a result of the practice, especially connections to the energy centers of the body or to locations in the Vertical Column of Energy above the head?

e) At a still higher level, we can identify what structures are being formed in specific levels of our subtle bodies by a particular practice. A good foundation for developing this ability is to study Sacred Geometry, developing a strong knowledge base of the different layers of the subtle bodies and the specific Sacred Geometric patterns which are hallmarks of each layer.


Developing the skill of checking into one's own energy field after doing any energetic or meditative practice is essential for persons on an independent spiritual path. By developing the ability to directly perceive the energy movements and stabilized geometries which form in our energy fields as a result of specific practices, we can then accurately and in full consciousness choose which practices will be of the greatest value to us at our current stage of spiritual development.



1. See for example The Self-Aware Universe by Amit Goswami Ph.D.

2. 'Geometric Resonance' and 'Shape-Caused Waves' are key concepts in the Egyptian BioGeometry® training. For an introduction to this important body of work, please see my book Egyptian-European Energy Work available from


1. This concept is summarized by Dr. Ibrahim Karim as "Energy into Shape creates Function." In other words, energy is programmed to perform a specific function, take on a certain power, by the movement pattern it is given by Nature. That movement pattern, frozen in space, is Shape. An overview of this and other keys to the Energy Science of Sacred Geometry is provided in the Sacred Geometry Foundation Training DVD set available at; this set contains the first two days of a 7-day intensive Sacred Geometry training.

2. For a more detailed and fully illustrated overview of the Masters of the Net lineage in these different cultures, please see the Sacred Geometry Foundation Training DVD set mentioned in Footnote 1.

3. See Jeremy Naydler's excellent Temple of the Cosmos for representative illustrations of the Net, and Wallis Budge's Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary for hieroglyphic phrases related to the Net.

Thanks to Dr. Samuel Sagan of the Clairvision® School and to Dr. Ibrahim Karim of BioGeometry® for some of the concepts included in this article.


About Robert J. Gilbert

Dr. Robert J. Gilbert has a multi-faceted background in both spiritual and scientific studies. He is a former U.S. Marine Corps Instructor in Nuclear-Biological-Chemical Warfare Survival; since leaving the service in 1985 he has conducted independent research into the Geometric basis of modern science and new technologies. Dr. Gilbert is also a Rosicrucian with more than 20 years of experience in Sacred Geometry and its hidden uses by the world's great spiritual traditions. His non-sectarian approach is inclusive of individuals from all spiritual traditions. Dr. Gilbert holds a Ph.D. in International Studies and is a published academic author in that field, contributing to the first academic textbook in the new field of Transformational Politics.

Dr. Robert J. Gilbert
The Vesica Institute
1011 Tunnel Road, Suite 200
Asheville NC 28805

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I wonder how many of us realize the contribution this article offers to the opening of wide horizons in the reader's consciousness. In these times, the keys of the meanings of the symbols that lead transcendent energies are "re-dressed" with a tremendous relevance, due to the development they foster into the conscience of those who are willing to penetrate the mysteries of existence.
I like the attractive language of this article. I feel the way these words match the tuning of the Earth to a higher level vibration, a higher existence quality. I loved the article.
Warm greetings, I'm so glad I came across this!
Thank you, Dr. Gilbert, for posting this beautiful article! It never ceases to amaze me when the right information appears when it is needed. : )

I have been studying / practicing Sacred Geometry for many years, but for some reason, have not applied it in the manner to which you describe (at least not intentionally, which will soon be rectified). There were so many things that "resonated" with me while reading it, that I knew it to be true and important.

I look forward to reading more of your work.

I have only recently discovered sacred geometry. I am very fortunate to have come across this article so soon. I am sure it will in combination with my other studies greatly enhance my understaning of this topic and my personal spiritual development.


Thank you!


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