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We need some ideas for chat subjects, please offer yours as a reply comment.


After we have some ideas floating around, I will create a poll so we can start to vote on them for prioritizing them in scheduling.



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Mind and Consciousness's effects on the brain in constructing unknown to be known new thought patterns where consciousness can reside.... any takers????


Hi Ananda, I would definitely be interested in something like that.


Thank you for your input.

The phenomenon (or perceived phenomenon) of synchronicity...can an increase in synchronicity be a sign that one is "on the right path" or is it hogwash?

Microcosm/macrocosm - what patterns can be discerned that support the concept of "as above so below" and how can we apply that to the unknown such as the beginning of the universe, the shape/form of the universe, the meaning of a single life, reincarnation, astrology, I-Ching, mathematics, etc

The Theory of Forms (Plato) and Archetypes (Jung) and their relationship to the psychedelic experience, esp DMT - this also ties into the discussion on fractal reality that is mentioned in #2

Human Nature - is it really against Mother Nature or have we missed the bigger picture?  Where should we go from here on a personal level and as communities?

Ideas to save us while keeping it fair and ethical - some initial ideas: one child per couple with some other ways to make it work thrown in, benefits for adhering or not having children, making the option for a second child be adoption only, etc....intentional communities/neotribalism, communal parenting, inter-group sufficiency via small scale production, specialization, trading?
hey no one knows and it'd be an informative, idea generating discussion :)

The Problem and Promise of Festivals  (See Michael Garfield's brief article) - I think this is a serious thing to consider, it builds on the issue of the need for real communities, re-establishing space and time as sacred, the right to undergo altered states of consciousness, whether or not non-monetary systems of exchange can be realized, and the importance (and loss) of ecstatic states and ecstasy, etccccc

Also if you live in or near a big city/metroplex check out Reality Sandwich's Evolver Spore groups, they have focus group meetings every now and then that are covering some really cool topics and do re-skilling workshops each month. :D

Some excellent ideas, Sativa.

Hi Tris.Great idea in getting ideas and taking a poll.Personally I don't participate in any other Chat Rooms,only this one as I get great satisfaction in discussing, and hearing what others have to say concerning esoterica,metaphysics and comparative religions.I would include Psychedlic Drugs in that category when used as a teacher.I would also be interested in discussing the possibilities of starting a rural communal farm/college of Health and Enlightenment.

Thank you sylvester - you know many of us have been discussion sustainable community living, we will definitely have a discussion concerning this, perhaps a frequent and re-occurring one.


Thanks again.

Am interested..

What is the single most important thing we can do to uplift ourselves and raise our personal vibration so we can uplift the world?


I think it is 'holding a space' by following your breath (there are loads of techniques), and comming from a place of love and inner peace while wearing a smile.


Also - I would like to ask how people cope with the 'stress' of not speaking about these matters with friends and family, who either think you are nuts, boring or have been 'believing anything they have read on the internet'.  Eventually, we can percieve that people can talk about such trivial things - moaning, politics, past events talk, or boring people with their family or uninteresting hobbies; and the same people condemm us if we go into a present moment creative exploration of life dialogue.    As a female, I find almost all my mates are frustrated by their husbands closed mindedness.  I know this works both ways - I mostly hear the female side.  An awakening husband will feel the same is he is not allowed space to explore or express.

Hello Mandy.I noted with interest your mention of marriage difficulties between a Seeker and a Non-seeker.It's interesting to note that in the Holy Scriptures(the Torah) the only time divorce is permitted is in just such cases as you've mentioned.

What u say here to do is really essential ... lift our selves up and together carry our on with our world.

At the moment i  dream abt the idea that the CERN project may involve stargate applications, that's my techno side ;) Otherwise what the underlying motivation is in my quest is to see to look for signs of this awakening, to lift me up and observe it unfold around me.

Subjects of interest:

Ouija Board

Lucid Dreaming

Global Consciousness

Hi ,

yes , lucid dreaming and global consciousness would be very interesting.

Maybe also practical Qabalah. At the moment I'm reading the books of Knight about the practical Qabalah and they are one of the best in concrete application.

Love and LVX


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