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does anybody have any insight into the meaning of the Sepher Yetzirah? or can anybody recommend some further readings to its decryption. blessings

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Authentic Qabilistic sources such as The Sepher Yetzirah, Zohar, Sepher Ha Bahir are written in the language of Roots and Branches. A language that extrapolates
symbols from spiritual sensations revealed to and through authentic Qabalistic sages and sources. The meaning of which
can only be truly revealed TO YOU by your higher self through similar spiritual sensations by studying such sources and meditation on their meanings. The common misconception about the Sacred Science and its sources is that there is a universal, rigid, static meaning that the Sages encoded in such texts. The truth is that they use common words {Branches} to describe spiritual abstractions and ideas {Roots} so that the student has a familiar concept to relate to the archetypal idea or energy being expressed. The goal is to attain the Greater Light by meditation and contemplation on concepts the student can easily relate to.
With that being said each student will naturally come to their own individual spiritual sensations based on their intentions (Kavanah), on their environment and or spiritual path as well as the myriad of other variables that make us all individuals.
My advice for the new student of QBL;
1) Learn the Hebrew Alphabet and the letters' correspondences.
2) Study the sources mentioned as well as the Pentatuch (first 5 books of the Bible) and be receptive. Do not try to interpret intellectually. Be passive and listen to your Inner Self.
3) Keep a Journal and record all of your perceptions after you meditations and your dreams when you wake up each morning. This will be the ONLY way to track your progress.
4) Find a group of like minded students to study with and discuss your progress and Qabalistic ideas with. This is a really important part of Attainment of Light that many neglect. This is actually why I have started this discussion group. I would like to eventually have a time every month for us all to get together and share our experiences and ideas.

Remember there aren't any right or wrong interpretations. The Source of all Creation made us individuals so that we would gather many different experiences. When one starts to view QBL as a very dynamic philosophy it begins to really open up to you.
I look forward to hearing from many of you my Brothers and Sisters.
Frater B. L.-Seth

Omnia Mutantur Nihil Interit


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