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This spell is created by me and my family to break debt and attract money your way. I will not add the exact chants because we would make those up as we went. So just ask talk to the spirits as you would to a parent or an elder with the respect they deserve, don't forget if you cross them they won't give you what you ask.   

For the offering


Glass of water

Glass of wine

Bread with salt



For the breaking of debt

One black and one white candle


Black pen







For creating new money opportunities

One white and one green candle

Paper and a green pen


Rosemary and Dill

Plate to burn in





  1. Set circle

Put everything ready on your altar and bless it with sage.


  1. Gather spirits

Call the spirits by any way that you want just be respectful

Set the offering and make sure someone eats it.

That will be the wine water sault and bread


  1. Break all debt

Put charcoal in a plate that can burn.

Write on a paper with black pen what you want you want it to become.

Anoint all candles with honey.

Burn the black candle.

Fold the paper 4 times.

Burn it. put the ashes in a plate.

Add the herbs. You can add them raw or you can boil and use the potion.

Say a chant The chant involves you asking for what you want to have. Not what you want gone but what you want to become.

Add sand to it from a living plant or guarden.

Water too.

Throw it away in the water.



  1. Create an opening for a new job


Burn the green and white candles

Anoint them with honey

Write on paper with green pen what you want.

Fold it 12 times.

Put it in a separate plate.

Burn it leave the ashes in the plate

Add a coin

Add basil rosemary and dill

Add water and sand.

Add wax from the candle make it all into a ball.

Say chant to the spirits 3 times asking them to help you with attracting money.

Leave it one night at the window.

Next night burry it.




Close circle

Thank spirits

Release spirits

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