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Day of the ancestor’s ritual and offerings.

That is celebrated every Saturday since that is the 6th day and 6 was the number of the dead and of material life. Of finite things. It is an important day to honor the family and spirits who have helped us along the way, to say thank you and remember their presence still in our hearts and blood. The blood relation is extremely important in this tradition and that includes everyone deceased and alive. 

You need:

  •  Zhito or wheat pudding made of:

200gr wheat, Appel, Cinnamon, Hand full walnuts

(boil the wheat for about an hour till it is soft, then add the rest to it)

  •  Sault
  • Water
  • Glass of wine
  • white bread (that you made yourself) with butter and salt
  • One church bee wax candle.
  • 3 pancakes made by your own taste.

That is your 3 basic dishes that have to be offered. Everything has to be handmade, even the bread. A big part of the magic is the making of the food itself. It is in the creation of food that energy is gathered and spread. It is a type of meditation. If doing this with others than all should participate. Put all of your heart and soul into the preparation. 

The ritual 

The offering act itself must be done by the oldest woman present. She will be in the place of a priestess. In my tradition, these acts are all done by women. Usually, the old woman who leads the rituals is called with the name baba, like baba Joan or baba Sara. Baba means grandmother or female elder.  Those will also be able to see the future and do readings but that’s another topic all together.

So you have made your dishes, set the table and everyone is sitting around it. Piece of the bread will be covered with butter and salt and the rest you will place your candle in.

Take out the candle and as you chant make a circle with the candle around the table above the food.

“May all this come to the spirits of… (and start naming people or beings – you can also just say, ancestors), may it satisfy them and keep them close to our hearts. May our blood be always one and may we never part. Eternally grateful we are of having you in our hearts”

You place the candle back in the bread and you start eating, make sure everything is eaten.

If you are doing this for a deceased person you can also perform this on their grave. This can as well be used as a part of calling of the spirits within many rituals in the Vlach tradition. The offering is always done when you call them because you need to thank and pay for the effort they will make for you. 

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