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<Samstara>: So where the roots of shamanism come from?

<anki>: from what i have read siberia

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<anki>: the word itself is siberean means a spiritual guide so like a priest

<anki>: but bk than the shaman would like the doctor, psychologist, politician like any of those things

<anki>: would do medicine and oracles and talk to spirits

<Samstara>: Interesting

<Samstara>: So they ate psychedelics

<Samstara>: ?

<anki>: like to them the main deity was  a female god that was a bear

<anki>: and yes they ate mushrooms

<anki>: those red ones

<anki>: with the dots

<anki>: whats the name

<anki>: they grew in the wild

<Samstara>: Red ones? Do you know strain name these days?

<anki>: uhm

<anki>: i forgot thename

<anki>: wait i will look for it

<anki>: amanita muscaria

<Samstara>: I ate Mr. X mushrooms and it was so strong effect in me. It felt like I was reaching godhood

<anki>: i do too it was amazing

<anki>: it was like i can speak to the universe

<anki>: i had a ritual with someone else and i could feel him inside me

<anki>: i could feel every cell

<anki>: and we didnt need tot alk

<anki>: we could talk telepathicaly

<anki>: it was soo crazy intsense

<Samstara>: YES WE DID TOO!

<anki>: i grow my own now

<anki>: yeaa and i could see with eyes closed

<anki>: sooo kick ass cool

<Samstara>: I did too but need new kit now

<anki>: yep is last grow of this one for me to

<anki>: need new one

<Samstara>: What kind of rituals shamans perform?

<anki>: mainly healing 

<anki>: they would communicat with spirits and those would give them the right medicine

<anki>: to heal a certain illness

<anki>: much like would take mushrooms and those would tell them what herb to use

<anki>: so the ritual would be to comminicate with the spirit,

<anki>: fpr cleasning

<anki>: for healing

<anki>: may be protection as well

<anki>: things like this

<anki>: i can communicate with spirits as well but i never needed to learn

<anki>: i just can

<anki>: from them u can learn a lot

<anki>: i never read books on all ths

<anki>: all i know is from spirits

<Samstara>: Beautiful

<anki>: my poetry most of it is from them

<anki>: i would write down what they say or show me

<anki>: the same way can be used for healig

<anki>: they ca tell u anythin

<anki>: its really like being half here and half there'

<anki>: like u use crystals i use the spirits

<anki>: they tell me what to do

<anki>: ad what to say

<anki>: how to help

<anki>: honestly they said to set up this chat

<anki>: lmaoo

<anki>: im weird like this

<Samstara>: Yes spirits can be attracted with crystals

<Samstara>: Someone told me that

<anki>: thing is i never needed those they just always were around

<anki>: a few since i was born

<anki>: and a few others joined later on in life

<anki>: i mainly work with the family egregore though

<anki>: the family spirits group

<anki>: u can feel easily whos fanily

<anki>: they feel  familiar

<anki>: like u  know them

<anki>: u would know right away

<anki>: its easy

<anki>: also they have coolours

<anki>: that i tell them appart with

<anki>: like the ones to heal are white

<anki>: the ones who are warrior types and to protect are black

<anki>: the colour is a sign to what they do

<anki>: for me

<anki>: the best healer spirits were very deep blue

<anki>: it was sooo beautiful

<anki>: i have seen a negative spirit she was very very red

<anki>: like not nice red i didnt feel comfy around her

<anki>: but as any visitor i did respect her since she didnt do anything to me

<anki>: do u have spirits around u?

<Samstara>: So its reason why bulls see red when they angry

<anki>: yes

<anki>: red is like anger indeed

<anki>: and i love red colour

<anki>: so thats not bias at all

<Samstara>: Yes I do, I can even feel every humans spirit

<anki>: wow very cool

<anki>: like red is one of my fav colours but when the spirits are angry

<anki>: they show as red

<anki>: so yea

<anki>: there is a reason why they show the devil often as red too

<Samstara>: Right =D

<anki>: for that reason a lot of ppk dont like red

<anki>: its too much for them

<Samstara>: XD

<anki>: probably they feel on the base of the energy

<anki>: of that colour

<anki>: it does show the root so a very materilistic energy

<anki>: slow moving

<anki>: and low vibrating

<Samstara>: Oh yes my friend is scorpio sun sign in first house and his favourite color is red XD Make sense

<anki>: hha yes

<anki>: my sis is aries

<anki>: red.

<anki>: lmao

<Samstara>: Yea first house is space of Aries constellation

<anki>: indeed

<anki>: my sun is in the first house

<anki>: and i love red

<anki>: i got sun accendant north node mercury conjunction

<anki>: in the first house

<anki>: gets busy

<Samstara>: I have sun in end of 12th house

<anki>: the first three are a degree of one another

<anki>: like almost on top  of each other

<anki>: and mercury a few degrees away

<anki>: but its not far

<Samstara>: And in scorpius constellation

<anki>: ooniiice

<Samstara>: So I love blue

<anki>: my mars is in 12th

<anki>: in cancer

<anki>: i dont liek this placement

<anki>: it makes me emotional mess

<Samstara>: Why?

<anki>: im so angry.. imma cry

<Samstara>: I knew it XD

<anki>: issues

<anki>: i cant even argue without cryin

<anki>: i be cryn abotu everything

<anki>: its soo rediculous

<anki>: watches movie" omg its so sweet.. cryyyy

<anki>: music.. cryyyyy

<Samstara>: Wow so you are pretty sensitive with those placements

<anki>: gets degre: cryyyyyy

<anki>: like why r y cryin u just got ur degree

<anki>: me: im soo happy

<anki>: lol

<Samstara>: =D

<anki>: yea my sun is in leo but it has that rising and north node conj

<anki>: and mercury right there

<anki>: than 4 others togethe in libra

<anki>: and the mars issues

<anki>: so is like everyone in 1st

<anki>: than everyone in 4th

<anki>: and than the rest over in12th

<Samstara>: XD

<Samstara>: Crazyy

<anki>: so that cancer house is very full

<anki>: and to add the mars in 12th un cancer

<anki>: its a mess

<anki>: in my head

<anki>: i hate feelings

<anki>: because i have too many

<anki>: i dont know hwo to deal with them

<Samstara>: YES Because fire is best friend of water

<anki>: oh haha

<anki>: i didnt know

<anki>: like half the chart in leo the other half in cancer

<anki>: yep

<anki>: how to mess up my head

<Samstara>: When you look at these things fire is opposite of water and air is opposite of earth

<anki>: yes indeed

<anki>: i studied astrology for years

<anki>: to discover al this

<anki>: and funny i attrackt water all the time

<Samstara>: I said wrong this time XD

<anki>: i have 5 besties in town

<anki>: 3 scorps

<anki>: cancer nd a virgo

<anki>: like uhm?

<anki>: as a leo its like wtf happend here?

<anki>: lol how?

<Samstara>: Water is opposite of earth and fire of air

<anki>: uhmm

<anki>: now im confused too

<anki>: haha thanks a lot

<Samstara>: So water is charged with fire

<anki>: wasnt air opposite fo earth?

<anki>: i feel really confused now

<Samstara>: Yes

<anki>: bu

<anki>: why do the symbols both point down

<anki>: if its opposite

<anki>: shouldnt one point up?

<Samstara>: Do you mean water and earth

<Samstara>: ?

<anki>: idk ahahhaha

<anki>: wait

<Samstara>: Because water and earth are masculine energies (+)


<anki>: ?

<anki>: where is the image?

<anki>: did it work?

<Samstara>: Cant see non

<anki>: oh

<Samstara>: =D

<anki>: ok the symbols f the 4 elemetns

<Samstara>: But air and fire are lightest and earth and waters most heavy

<anki>: show that air is opposte of earth because they both have a stripe

<anki>: through the triangle

<anki>: but one is up the other down

<anki>: meaning opposites

<anki>: and water to fire


<anki>: yaaaaaay

<anki>: finnaly

<anki>: yay

<anki>: there is the link

<Samstara>: But these symbols just show where can find those elements

<anki>: ?

<anki>: they are the symbol fo the element itself

<anki>: it symbolizes the element

<anki>: those are the alchemical and astrological symbols

<anki>: of each element

<anki>: still used today in both

<Samstara>: But when you look at space (chart) you see that water is opposite of earth and fire of air.

<anki>: yea but i can say the same fir air

<anki>: but its not about that

<anki>: its about the symbol itself

<Samstara>: Every sign represents each season

<anki>: i can line them up next to each other too

<anki>: no

<Samstara>: ?=D

<anki>: it represents an element

<anki>: not a season

<anki>: each element is in evey season

<anki>: and in us

<Samstara>: Yes elements too but there is 3 modes of each element

<anki>: the point was

<anki>: that the symbols show

<anki>: what the opposites are

<anki>: of each symbol

<Samstara>: Do you mean those in link

<anki>: yes but if u google symbols of the 4 elements

<anki>: u can get a ton of answers

<Samstara>: Yes I get it now

<anki>: with those same elements

<anki>: im gonna be roundign this up hehe

<anki>: but we can contunue in a bit on main chat 

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OH MY - wish I had been there.  meet again?

HI Soren yes we are having it again on may 17th at 7pm. 


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