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<Hope>: I am trying to figure out what path I am to take, so I am trying to learn as much as I can.

<anki>: well its a good thing to be here than we will be discussing shamanism

<anki>: so u can see if its for u or not

<Hope>: Yes. I feel like something is missing from my practice but I don't know what it is.

<anki>: well we can start with what shamanism is? to each of us?

<anki>: like what is it to u?

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<sav>: i'm thinking

<anki>: in the past in siberia where the word comes from

<anki>: it was the local priest

<Hope>: To me it is the blending of spirit work, herbalism, hedge walking, or dream traveling, and energy manipulation for the benefit of others.

<anki>: bk than they didnt have doctors and such

<anki>: so the local shaman was healer. politician, spychiatrist, herbologist etc etetc

<anki>: it was their to go to person when anything happneed

<anki>: so like ur local healer/priest

<sav>: i'm used to big distinction between shaman and priest

<anki>: there realy isnt

<sav>: but that's more modern

<anki>: shaman is a priest

<anki>: its a wide area

<anki>: just different name

<anki>: but not christian typ of a priest

<anki>: more like in the old days

<sav>: do you the term griot

<anki>: alchemist was a later on version of shamanism

<anki>: the healers

<sav>: on the african continent the griot is like a priest/shaman

<sav>: with many gifts

<anki>: yes

<Hope>: So this is more of a cuandera?

<sav>: some esoteric and magical, some for the community like healing and story telling

<anki>: indeed

<anki>: there is lot of versions

<anki>: depending on the culture

<anki>: on what ppl want in one area

<Hope>: Ok

<sav>: yes, the hispanic term

<anki>: like in native america spider was mother

<anki>: in russia it was the bear

<anki>: but the same thing

<anki>: when u connect to alchemy the accent there s more on the process and the chemical worsks of different element

<anki>: its more logical

<anki>: and more scientific

<anki>: in shamanism its more about travel and spirit comminication to get the herbs u need

<anki>: its th same but has different uses

<anki>: like when u know each of those u see they all areabout the same thing

<anki>: its just how u go about at it differs

<anki>: and when u put them together u learn thigns u cant know when u just know one

<anki>: u need ll of them

<anki>: to really know

<anki>: often its better to just go through all and dont picke a path

<sav>: yes, the whole integrated circuitry

<anki>: rather than stick to just pne thing

<anki>: and miss out on all the rest

<anki>: so not knowing what path u take is a very good thing

<anki>: means ur learnign a lot

<Hope>: I am decended from the Tarahumara or Rarumari tribe in northern Mexico. But know nothing of them and my abilities came on line.

<anki>: wow vry nice

<sav>: what do you mean abilities cam on line?

<anki>: im slavic

<anki>: well may be there is things to learn online?

<anki>: about the tribes

<anki>: if not all uc an do is try to perfct ur abilities

<sav>: oh you mean "nothing of them or your abilities"

<Hope>: My abilities reawakened with a vengence and would not be ignored any longer

<anki>: what are those

<sav>: mine are Bardic, more specifically i'm a bard, not a shaman, in the echelons of things

<Hope>: Clairaudient, clairvoyance, clairsentinent, highly intuitive, claircognizance, energy manipulation, "healing hands", channeling

<anki>: well i see things visions and have been able to communicate with the otehr side ever since i was 7 i used art to share with ppl

<sav>: awesome

<anki>: aah ok

<anki>: well since u dont know about ur tribe u can go on and practise with what u know

<Hope>: I do tarot cards professionally

<anki>: very cool

<anki>: tarot are good tool

<anki>: have used them for years

<Hope>: Yes they have been

<sav>: i'm just beginning to see how immense and attuned to the alchemy the Tarot is

<anki>: yes indeed

<anki>: the symbols are brilliant

<Hope>: Yes, they are

<anki>: its really the entire process of a soul

<anki>: that is shown

<Hope>: True

<sav>: i even saw a set that relates them to DNA structures

<anki>: the original use was for personal use to see where u r at in ur life and know where ur going

<Hope>: In what way do they connect with shamanism?

<anki>: its both about self healing and growth. u can use them to know what u have to do to heal u or others

<anki>: ppl can use them as ttools

<anki>: to speak to spirits

<anki>: who arent able to really hear them

<anki>: all those paths are deeply connected

<anki>: divination as well

<anki>: which isnt their original use

<anki>: but they have been used as it

<anki>: for a very long time and with sucess

<anki>: i have stopped using them for a while but i did for 20 years before that

<sav>: it is amazing how these systems overlay

<anki>: yes

<anki>: they can be used to see what a spirit says which is in the basics of shamanism

<anki>: to be one foot on each shore

<anki>: and bring answers down

<anki>: from another place to the ppl

<anki>: thats how they would heal.. would ask spirits

<anki>: i cook this way

<anki>: grandmaaa what was that soup recepy

<anki>: and the recepy would show in my mind...

<anki>: it was tasty lol

<sav>: recipes from beyond the grave!

<anki>: yea

<anki>: shamans can communicate

<anki>: with different beings spirits elemetials eyc

<Hope>: I have had that experience when people have asked about feeling trapped.

<anki>: they have one foot here one foot on the other side

<sav>: the closest i come to Hope's school is Carlos Castaneda

<sav>: i read his first three volumes man years ago

<anki>: how do u mean feel trapped?

<Hope>: Either spiritually, mentally, emotionally

<anki>: could u explain what u mean, ims orry

<sav>: and their guides whisper to you what they need to get out?

<anki>: i didnt understand

<anki>: like ppl would ask u that they are trapped???

<Hope>: I can see experiences or sense when something is blocking them from moving forward.

<anki>: is that what u  mean?

<anki>: oojh

<anki>: ok

<anki>: very cool

<anki>: how does it feel?

<Hope>: Yes

<anki>: i get the weird sensation when someone is about to pass

<anki>: its like a lightning strike feel

<anki>: an electricity runs throgh

<anki>: and shivers

<anki>: and there is this smell

<anki>: around in the room

<anki>: 99% was correct

<anki>: person would pass within 2 months

<anki>: the smell is the most physica part

<anki>: it really smells like if u didnt air the room in weeks

<Hope>: Sometimes it feels like a wall is in front of me, but thete is a movie or pictures of people on it.

<anki>: and its all dusty

<anki>: muffy smell

<anki>: its good that u feel it

<anki>: u can help ppl

<anki>: i never tell when i feel that death thing

<sav>: that's respectful

<Hope>: How do you keep that feeling or knowledge in?

<sav>: some things are best put back into the earth quietly

<anki>: its easy

<anki>: if u tell u will upset ppl

<anki>: so its for their best not to know

<anki>: what use to they have

<anki>: of this infrmation

<Hope>: Ok

<anki>: its only gonna hurt

<anki>: so for their best will i do

<anki>: that and i will seem like a psycho

<anki>: hahahha

<anki>: oh btw ur gonna die

<anki>: ookeeeeee

<sav>: there's that as well

<anki>: yaaa

<anki>: and as amorc member im used to keeping knowledge in

<sav>: self-presentation is the civil side of whatever magic you're doing

<anki>: its expected of us

<anki>: yes

<sav>: the tao as well

<Hope>: Yes

<anki>: u said u hav healing hands?

<anki>: what healing methods do u use?

<sav>: {attempts to receive healing hands as typed thru keyboards}!

<Hope>: I can hover my hands over an area and move the illnes out

<Hope>: Or I recommend they go see a docotor if the heat is excessive.

<sav>: nice, you know your own limits

<anki>: so like reiki in a way?

<sav>: that rocks

<anki>: yes

<Hope>: Sometime i use crystals and will pull the illness into the crystal

<sav>: where it just spirals away into infinity?

<anki>: interesting

<sav>: vessels are very important

<Hope>: I have transmited energy into their bodies and just watch the flow to see where it is blocked.

<sav>: awesome

<anki>: o very nice

<anki>: thats a very useful technique

<anki>: i would touch the body part its like eyes

<anki>: my hands are

<anki>: like if i touch it i can see whats going on

<Hope>: When i touch, my hands travel and follow the energy flow.

<anki>: aaah nice

<sav>: and you hear the energy too, you say

<anki>: with me its like pictures  flashes

<Hope>: Ive noticed this can be uncomfortable for me and the person.

<sav>: why?

<sav>: i mean, if the distortion of the block is uncomfortable, that's what you're there to shift...

<Hope>: I hear spirits telling me where to check or if this is ancestral illness.

<Hope>: Because some of the energies flow through intimate parts of their body.

<sav>: you do soul retrieval work, eh?

<sav>: oh, of course

<Hope>: I do not really understand what that is.

<sav>: intimacy is so difficult in this culture, at any level besides superficial intimacy

<anki>: yes hope

<sav>: i want to tell u about an experience i had in a minute

<anki>: with me i hover above first

<anki>: and i feel pull to a part

<anki>: like vacume

<anki>: and there i would touch it

<anki>: with approval first

<Hope>: Yes or magnet

<Hope>: Of course.

<anki>: we have about 5 min

<anki>: i will post this in the shamanism group

<anki>: is there anythign else anyone wants to share?

<anki>: and also feelfree to continue in main chat

<Hope>: I have seen many paths of shamanism but dont know which to follow

<sav>: Hope, you're a natural

<sav>: that's the first thing to bear in mind

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