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I was offering a subtle perception technique to a friend, and figured this may be a great place to share it as that others may also benefit from its uses. In Chinese Alchemy,  ancient techniques of similar purpose are fittingly termed - "The Circulation of the Light"

  • Begin by entering a contemplative and meditative state, by observing the breath as you inhale deeply, and exhale completely.
  • Sit up straight with your arms relaxed yet forming a circle (like you are hugging a large ball), and interlock your fingers with thumbs touching - this creates a closed energetic circuit, with each hand having its own polarity. (imagine that we are normally walking around all day with a "open circuit" arrg! hehe)
  • Initiate a visualization and energetic focus method to begin a build-up of the Vital Life Force in your left hand. This can be as simple as placing a concentrated focus on your hand and the energy surrounding it while in this state, continuing until you begin to feel an subtle tingling or warmth in the hand. Move it around a bit, from hand to hand, to have a good feel of the energetic signature -get comfortable.
  • Slowly begin moving the energy up your arm, into your shoulder and upper chest into the Heart. Stop momentarily in the Heart Center (Anahata), feel the warmth and understanding of the Vital Life Force, as it rejuvenates the organ and chakra on an sub-atomic and cellular level.
  • Begin to move the energy slowly out of the Anahata, out into the right shoulder, down your right arm into the right hand.
  • Transfer it to the left through the interlock next, really focusing on your hands as it moves through the circuit bridge. Our nervous system spreads out through the body, with endings in the hands and feet, making them particular sensitive to these subtle impressions.
  • Repeat this and slowly increase the frequency of the energy movement, with practice you will feel the energy picking up momentum and charging your heart center with subtle energy, as well as providing healing physically. What occurs is a build-up of force as the rotation of the energy increases, constantly providing the Heart Center with a pulsating subtle energy flow. Just work with this latter step as you are comfortable, adjusting to match your state at any given time.


Give this a try, as you may find it beneficial and easy to integrate into your current or other new practical application - it's also great being utilized independently of course.

Think of it as your personal particle accelerator, it can be a very powerful technique hence it's proliferation through-out the ages. Enjoy.


Chinese Alchemist using the circulation technique, with a gem or crystal of some sort, to complete the circuit and potentially increase its charge.

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this is interetsing

it reminds of exersise i did while ago. but it was gathering the energy within me.

like in my stomach and than makign it ciruculate clock wise/.

like arm, head, arm leg etc.  was very interesting  as well.

i will try this out thanks


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