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The Major Arcana of the Tarot are considered to be the highest revelation from the highest spiritual center of Planet Earth. They are the quintessence of the ancient wisdom, where one who aspires to spiritual knowledge may distinguish the fiery signs of the Future.

The cosmic-initiatory path of humankind is encoded in the symbolic drawings, laid out from time immemorial in strict accord with the laws of esoteric geometry.

The task that has always arisen before the keepers of the sources of the innermost knowledge has been to protect, at whatever cost, the guiding thread of the mystical tradition. During periods of global cataclysm, whether social or natural — times when the material wealth of civilizations was lost — the keepers of this knowledge have protected it, making sure that it would be there once again when needed by those whose spirits were not yet awakened.

According to legend, everything started in Atlantis. It was there that the cosmic hieroglyphs of the initiatory vocabulary of humanity were first drawn. Then, just before the downfall of Atlantis, they were moved to the Egyptian temples.

Similarly, in Ancient Egypt, the symbols were moved once more in expectation of the inevitable intrusion of Barbarians. But this time, the task was more complicated. Guaranteeing the integrity of the arcanological symbols for the future required that they be spread everywhere, throughout the Earth.

Still, although some exterior, ornamental aspects of the cosmic signs have become altered due to pressure of time and certain other conditions, the main contours of the esoteric drawings have remained intact. (Indeed, this is a never-ending process, a sort of "reincarnation" of the Arcana. They seemingly "die" only to incarnate in a new shape, but still filled unfailingly with the same spiritual content.)

So in this way, the ancient symbols of the Tarot have finally reached us in the form of a Gypsy deck of playing and divinatory cards, divided into two parts.

The first part consists of 22 cards, 22 being the number of the Great or Major Arcana. The second deck contains 56 cards, the number of the Small or Minor Arcana.

Spiritual paths of humanity are marked with the luminous dotted lines of the Major Arcana, which actually are descended from the ancient Egyptian cryptography of the 22 Emerald Tablets of Hermes Trismigistus [or Thoth]. (This information was undermined by Madam Blavatsky when she stated that it was the "Father of all Existence" who carved out the "22 Letters of the Foundation.")

These 22 Letters of the Foundation are prefigured in the alphabet of ancient Hebrew. According to legend, this alphabet, in which every letter renders the outlines of certain constellations, was developed in Atlantis. Thus, in a way, the Major Arcana are no less than the esoteric horoscope of humankind! And so, deciphering them requires more than just penetration into the deepest mysteries of the sacred language. It also requires penetration into the deepest mysteries of sacred mathematics, and is thus inseparable from the work of Pythagoras.

We know now that it was Pythagoras who discovered that nine numerals lie at the foundation of Universal structure, giving order to all its yeasty chaos and harmonizing the cosmic processes (a decade, or "ten," being nothing more than a return to the "one").

The essence of Pythagorean numerology is that the esoteric root of any number may be derived from the number itself. In other words, any multidigit number may, by adding up the digits of which it is composed, be brought down to a single integer.

According to this same system of numerology, every letter of the initiatory language of humankind corresponds to a certain number that pertains to its inner vibration...
Number and Word are indivisible!

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Comment by anki on July 12, 2016 at 11:35am

or do u use the tarot for another reason? growth for example?

Comment by anki on July 12, 2016 at 11:35am

so whats ur favorite spread? which one do u like using most?

Comment by steve on November 9, 2015 at 11:12pm
Comment by belladonna took on November 1, 2015 at 3:30am

thanks-ill think on that some more. :)

Comment by belladonna took on October 31, 2015 at 7:19pm

hi-tx for responding! re:Tarot  i'd like to find out how the Hermit (or any other major card "people" for that matter) was symbolized before the christian era. is  a pre-western origin/form  of tarot known?  is tarot a western esoteric only? were ancient  arcana images or symbols disguised to look acceptably christian?

thanks for you interest and getting back to me


Comment by belladonna took on October 31, 2015 at 5:30pm

hey hey

what do you know about the Hermit? who is he before his western rendition in tarot? he is my  2 card. ty!

Comment by Amanda Johnson on September 19, 2015 at 12:41pm

I've been thinking about Temperance, too, in relationship to its particular 7-card cycle, #'s 8-14, and following the great transition of Death, XIII, where all that we have known ceases to be. There we land at Temperance, which almost seems playful, like a study, or experiment. So I really appreciate your concept of "testing and trial". Is Temperance then some kind of curiosity?

Comment by Being on September 18, 2015 at 8:07pm
Key 14 Temperance - The Tempering Angel Michael. Testing and trial. Reward and purgation. Friend and not foe...teaching more to know whether you like it or not, whether you recognize it or not.. Getting rid of the dross, learning that nothing is loss. Hard to adjust, hard to change but if you don't do it yourself...Michael will produce very strange circumstances.Until you learn.

More about Michael? Prince of Light? Forerunner of Shekinah?. What was that about him/her being put in charge of Earth? Vague about that at the moment. Not referring at all to the movie nonsense!
Comment by Being on November 11, 2014 at 7:23pm

Key 21 The World Dancer ruled by the element Earth and Super-conscious mode. Symbolizes completion, return, identification with the Source, the union of all polarities with no sense of the personal will or personal desire left.
 The causeless cause - Saturn -the great liberator, the father and mother
of us all, The big squeeze, the enlightener, Binah (More/Mary) - the
great cosmic sea , the Alpha and Omega (the beginning and the end).

The Serpent eats his tail, the God eats  his children, all back into the

Also simplicity, levitation, mirth, self-knowing and the loss(?) of
things that burden which is gravity!

Saturn sad at giving birth (separation) redeems his creation. From   
multiplicity to simplicity and perpetual knowing. I unburden and go
forward into LUX.

Comment by Being on October 5, 2014 at 11:43pm

Isis Uranus or Venus (Empress)

 Opus Magnum & Youthening

"There is a teaching about "youthening" in the Great Work. The Adept
will youthen as s/he advances in The Work. Wholeness and healing takes
 place in the body as well as in the "Spirtual aspects of the Adept.   Age
will show in i.e. wrinkles and grey hair for example but health and  vitality will be there and the even greater "Strength". Sort of like  Merlin The Magician guarding Arthur or  marrying the younger woman and  being able. Perhaps by the Law of Correspondence we can assume that the  stone
might work in this way. Healing and immortality.

 Along the path of The Great Work comes a state of a High degree of
Adeptship or even Mastership seen in Key 17 The Star. This is  interesting because this also comes with enlightenment and who one  might be with
attainment of the Stone.

The Star Tarot Key is Isis Uranus (another form of Venus). Here she is  the Wise Woman. In this Key we see a young woman - but teaching informs us that if we saw her (Isis Uranus) we wouldn't recognize her on the  street.

She might be in the form of an old woman or man or some figure  that we just wouldn't notice.. This is a form of invisibility. 

Those who know do not say or tell directly but there are teachers who will speed an aspirant on the way. Seed them so to speak. "



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