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                                              Angel’s Tricks

An angel knows every devil’s trick and more

Doesn’t say a single word; waits at your door

A smile on the lips upon a face that understands

He holds a basketful of milkweed in his hands

A smile upon his lips as he treads waiting at your door

With the secrets of your life and a hundred lives before

Asking you to open up to let him lend advice

He’ll tell you what you did for him was very nice

No one likes to argue with the angel anymore

Not since he found a way to keep from acting like a bore

He doesn’t play the devil’s games, but still he likes to play

Every time you’re with him it’s just like a holi-day

You may think your angel won’t be coming round no more

That’s just a trick of his to show you what your door is for

The angel took away the lock, he took away the key

The only thing between you and him is


                                            lyric and music by John Savlove /   SaveLove Music

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for this edition of "Angel's Tricks" I'd like to thank Rosey Cross for helping me realize it as a song. The original music is a little hokey, not that I don't like hokey but in this case it weakened the lyrics' gravitas. With her inspiration, a recorded version where it is spoken over a David Bowie instrumental piece came into digital existence. The words are from a long time ago, and I still think that if "a trick of the devil" is going to be a standard cliche, someone should be giving credit to angels for having just as much a sense of humor. "Angels Are Waiting" is a much more classic song of mine - it cannot be presented until the actual music that goes with it is properly performed.


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