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Wow, what a slacker i have been as it has been nigh on two years since my last post.

First, thank you Anki for inviting so many people (including me). Now i am challenge to make something of this group.

The first question that came to my mind is - Do you believe that Bacon's ideas on advancing learning caused materialism as a philosophy to flourish or not?

This comes about because i was told that many mystics shun Bacon under the belief that he did greatly contribute to materialism.

Please provide reasons for your thoughts. 



Men are rather beholden ... generally to chance or anything else, than to logic, for the invention of arts and sciences. 

— Sir Francis Bacon

The Advancement of Learning (1605) in James Spedding, Robert Ellis and Douglas Heath (eds.), The Works of Francis Bacon (1887-1901), Vol. 3, 386

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im afraid i havent went that deep into that, why do they think so? because from what i know the material side of life is crucially important to understand. it provides basics on further evolution here. that would mean having to

go deeper in the material world, getting finances better, house, work, using the physical senses and so on. 

it could make sense that some people become more materialistic by this part of the great work though this

is only teh cause of the person itself and how they think and has nothing to do with anyone else.

just my thoughts though. i cant see that anyone else can be responsible for how someone elses growth goes but the person himself/herself. 

Anki, many people believe that his Advancement of Learning was void of any references to the Divine, this leading to science lacking a spiritual nature and gave power to the philosophy of materialism. 

oh really? like stoicism u mean?

do u think it was so in ur oppinion? i'd love to learn from u. 


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