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It has been a long time since I have written anything, but that is because I have been deeply immersed in learning about Sir Francis Bacon. So much reading, and I haven't even started on his writings yet!

Anyway, I have been questioned on Facebook lately about my believe that we must act. Many "light workers" believe that working on the higher planes is sufficient. I would like to share a quote I found by Bacon on this topic that nicely sums up my POV.

"If there be any one on whose ear my frequent praise of practical activities has a harsh and unpleasing sound because he is wholly devoted to contemplative philosophy, let me assure him that he is the enemy of his own desires. In natural philosophy practical results are not only the means to improve human well-being. They are also the guarantee of truth. There is a true rule in religion, that a man must show his faith by his works. The same rule holds good in natural philosophy. Science too must be known by its works. It is by the witness of works rather than by logic or even observation that truth is revealed and established. It follows from this that the improvement of man's lot and the improvement of man's mind are one and the same thing."

Cogittata et Visa ('Thoughts and Conclusions')

But it is not enough that one does work, for it needs a purpose:

"In sum, I would advise all in general, that they would take into serious consideration the true and genuine ends of knowledge; that they seek it not either for pleasure, or contention, or contempt of others, or for profit, or fame, or for honour and promotion, or such like adulterate or inferior ends; but for the merit and emolument of life; and that they regulate and perfect the same in charity. For the desire of power was the fall of angels, the desire of knowledge the fall of man; but in charity there is no excess, neither man nor angels ever incurred danger by it."

Advancement of Learning, The Preface (1640)

If you want  a good understanding of the purpose and method behind The Great Instauration I would recommend reading Building Paradise, by Peter Dawkins.

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