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Say this three time in the Morning & Evening

Archangel Micheal I call upon your protection

I ask you for this protection

I acknowledge that this lower entity has been part of my learning experience

And I shall learn from this

I ask you now to bring me your protection on all levels, all realitites, all dimensions and in all timelines

I ask this on behalf of myself and all multi dimensional counterparts of me associated with me

I am taking action on the physical level and I ask for your polarity response to this action for your protection

Thankyou Archangel Micheal

                                                         ~LoveLight n'Blessings~

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Why do you enjoy the help from Archangel Michael as opposed to something/someone else?

I dont quite understand what you are saying TS or i think you dont understand who is archangel micheal is.


           When Satan was cast out of heaven he took 1/3 angels with him and before leaving had a battle in heaven with the good angels whose commander was Archangel Micheal.

                Hence while asked for protection against spirits, psychic vampires or people who effect you by their low vibrations or the people you effect Archangel Micheal is called upon for cleansing, guidance or protection.

                This above written prayer is effective when said loud three times it is similar to the Banishing ritual of the pentagram while you call upon these gauardian angels or imagining a simple pentacle above ur head works fine as well.

    Healing could be anything when you are working along with the divine forces. Then why not call upon the most high angel for such simple effective protection? Do u have a better solution?

:] I am not knocking your healing paradigm, I am curious about your experience with Archangel Michael for healing. Why you might recommend 'him'... I did formulate my question very oddly lol.

My experiences are with Archangel Micheal and Metatron. Metatron is said, to be the mightiest of all the angels and he is the commander of an army surrounded by all storms. He is one of them, by whom all creatures obey, and is Head of the whole angelic hierarchy, including The Seraphim / "Chaiot ha-Qadesh" which is nearest to him. His energy is like a laser beam that cuts through the Universe. 

                             As I said these are the highest angels and Archangel Metatron is the highest angel in charge of the sphere called Kether. His right hand is like saying Michael the Archangel. Mikael is as a energy-part of himself and they are working very closely together when it comes to the planetary network of power lines & healing the world.

Metatron can best be invoked on Sundays, where the energy sphere from Keter, the planet Pluto & the crown chakra is working perfectly together.

As every chakra has an archangel.These angels can always be invoked when working with the Crown Chakra:

The Angel Akasha, Arielle Angel, Angel Mystique, The sunangel Avalon, The Cherubim Seraphim / "Chaiot ha-Qadesh" The Throne angels, Barbiel Archangel, Archangel Barkiel, Archangel Michael & Archangel Sandalphon.

Here is a simple technique for metatron to quicken your ascension. 

These angels are always present and all u need to do is invoke them and Archangel Micheal is used best for protection in my experience.

Blessings of the most High!

Very interesting. While i cannot personally attest to the above explanation, I do know that Rudolf Steiner talked a lot about Archangel Michael, saying basically that he is the guardian of sincere esoteric seekers in our age. Basically he is the one put in charge of managing the process of merging science with spirituality which may be the only way to wake humanity up out of its ignorance. 



Also thanks for the prayer!


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