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The theory of the German scholar and practitioner Dr. Hamer, who treats cancer in Germany unique system continues to be the subject of violent controversy. In it it reveals that cancer is an ancient program embedded in every person that is triggered by strong shock or experience. Against Dr. Hamer kept incessant cases, but judges always judge in his favor because he saved the lives of more than one or two removed from medicine. Here is the second part of his lecture psychosomatics responsible for diseases that come from human conflicts in and around it.

The choice of focus of the conflict becomes a subconscious association. For instance, biological conflicts that are associated with water and other liquids (oil, milk ...), leading to kidney cancer, the fear of death - to lung cancer, and "Suck a larger bite than we can swallow" psychologically - to cancer of the stomach or intestines.

Originally in the animal world really it was a big bite of food, but for us it can be excessive indebtedness or any other commitment that we made and we can not fulfill. The focus, however, is not determined by the event itself, but rather by the psychological significance for us at the time of its occurrence.

Hamer illustrates this with another example - a woman who finds her husband in bed with another. As upsetting sexual conflict it causes uterine cancer. If instead be experienced as a conflict with your partner, then with right-handed woman it leads to cancer of the right breast. If the conflict feeling is fear and revulsion it causes hypoglycemia and loss of self-esteem can develop cancer of the pubic bone.

If the lack of self-esteem had occurred on the occasion of sporting failure, and not in connection with sex, then the problem would occur in an arm or leg, and perhaps in the fingers or shoulder.

Other typical events that could lead to biological conflicts are different situations of loss - of a loved one, a job, a valuable possession or territory.

Dr. Hamer believes that most metastases or secondary tumors are caused by the fear of cancer or fear of death as a result of the resulting cancer diagnosis or a negative prognosis. And in this case, however, rise to a conflict-shock may not be fear, but rather anger, resentment or conflict of separation from partner or children and then tumors would appear in different places. Also diagnosis of colon cancer usually causes secondary liver cancer due to subconscious fear of starvation.

In general despair, loss of hope and meaning create chronic stress, which hinders the treatment of cancer and other diseases, but not the cause. According to Hamer their true cause is an unexpected traumatic shock for which a person is emotionally unprepared.

The following list details some of the links between the conflicting emotions and the relevant authorities, which they affect:

Adrenal cortex: Wrong direction astray

Bladder: Ugly conflict, dirty tricks

Bones: Lack of self-esteem, inferiority complex

Breast: Conflict associated with care or disharmony

Milk ducts in the breast: Conflict caused by separation

Left breast (female right-handed): Conflict in connection with the child, mother, home

Right breast (female right-handed): Conflict with a partner or other people

Bronchi: Territorial conflict

Cervix: Heavy deadlock, frustration, frustration

Colon: Ugly "indigestible" conflict

Esophagus: Something that can not be accepted or swallowed

Bile: Conflict related to rivalry

Heart: Constant conflict

Guts: Unable to swallow anger

Kidney: Reluctance to life, connected with water or fluid conflict

Larynx: Fear or fright

Liver: The fear of starvation

Lung: Fear of death or suffocation, including fear for someone else

Lymph glands: Loss of self-esteem associated with site

Melanoma: Feeling omarsenost, opetnenost, oskvernenost

Middle ear: Inability to obtain vital information

Mouth: Something that can not be swallowed or detained

Pancreas caused alarm and trouble conflict with people in the family or in connection with heritage

Simple: Ugly conflict with sexual nature or connotation

Rectum: Fear that man is useless

Skin: Impaired mental or emotional integrity

Spleen: Shock of physical or emotional wound

Stomach: indigestible anger that is swallowing too long

Testes and ovaries: Connected with a loss conflict

Thyroid: Feelings of helplessness

Uterus: Sexual conflict

And here's the link between conflicts and diseases:

• Diabetes and hypoglycemia: Female right-handed develop low blood sugar as a result of anxiety and otvratenost, if left-handed, ill with insulin-dependent diabetes. A man who uses his right hand, develops insulin dependent diabetes conflict of resistance and struggle against something, if left-handed, hyperglycemia.

• Heart attack: fight for territory.

• Hemorrhoids: right-handed and women with an identity crisis, and left-handed men with anger caused by territorial problems in the healing phase will develop hemorrhoids.

• Multiple sclerosis and paralysis, inability to escape to go ahead or not to retreat, or ignorance of what to do.

• Facial paralysis: fear, that person will lose his dignity after he became a laughing stock or has become an object of ridicule.

• Psoriasis: is associated with conflict of separation from the mother, father, family, home, friends or pets.

• psychoses of any type associated with one or more active Hamer Foci in each hemisphere.

• Vitiligo, Leukoderma: ugly or brutal separation conflict.

With regard to AIDS, Dr. Hamer observed that no one has ever died from it without first told him she was HIV-positive, and without believing in it. The conclusion is that, just as with cancer, the negative perception associated with AIDS has led to devastating effect.

Left-handed people develop problems in the side opposite to that of the true right-handed. Which hand is leading, you can check by observing which of the two is on top when clapping. When Right-handed all the muscles on the right side of the body are related to the partners and possibly other people, and on the left - a child or their mother.Changes may occur due to hormonal changes as a result of the use of birth control pills or menopause.

Healing phase

The start of a DHS or conflict-shock is different from that of other conflicts we experience in daily life. It causes chronic stress, which leads to cold hands and feet, loss of appetite and weight loss, insomnia and thoughts continually return to the contents of the conflict. If it is not resolved soon, prolonged stress will lead to specific symptoms and the development of cancer or other disease writes

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page is google translated from bulgarian, the cases in which that is the case are well explained in the article.." The choice of focus of the conflict becomes a subconscious association."  this sums up a lot as it is. 

the literal translation translated directly was: any negative emotion hits a certain organ

Great point ! so energy work to release blockages and balance energy fields would ideal course of action?


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