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Greetings seekers,

I would like to request some healing energies be sent to community member "Earthwolf", I heard from another community that he has suffered a heart attack and is in the hospital.

Please send some positive vibrations out to him in Australia for a speedy recovery and return to great health as soon as possible.

Thank you

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Sure, hope he recovers soon!! sending positive love!!

yes i heard abour his trouble. will ligth a candle. im so sorry about him being sick. he is a lovely person. 


I've had some success with distance healing but always used a photo and would be happy to try. :)

Earthwolf ... relax, suspend all thinking, move into a 'DELTA' state.... the lowest vibration possible.

Stay in that mental state till your 'Etheric Body' [re-charges your physical body], repairing it through the intercession of your Spirit Guides who you should invoke for help.  

Think and visualize the word 'Hygeia' [from which we get the English word 'hygiene] meaning Health.  Ask for

Health focusing on the 5 Pointed Star which originally was attributed to Health by the the Pythagorean


Call upon Aesclepius ... god of Medicine ... the first to be in pre-history of Caesarian birth, delivered by his father Apollo, son of his mother Corona [as a 'Corona' is to the sun].

Then repeat the phrase on 'Solomon's Ring' [yiddish] ... 'Gam Zu Yavoor' ... THIS TOO SHALL PASS [AWAY] !


May that heart mend fully.

It can.

May the power of the White Light of Healing surround Earthwolf and cocoon him in healing and the love of light.  I ask in our Saviour's name.


Blessings, Love and Light,


Sending love and light!

With pleasure.

Ok. I am just reading the text...and I trying something....And really there is a grande white-energy wolf - I think it is a protector, guardian or who knows?

Earthwolf needs to forgive something to himself. He knows. That is the reason of heart attack...

And here is a love to heal heart!

love and hugs for Earthwolf, i have been offline, grounded and cut off for a while, thankyou, for posting, and informing, us, am sending, now, ♥

Sending Love and Positive Energies to Earthwolf, hope he gets well soon!!

Am sending strength, health and vigor his way!


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