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Hey guys,

I would like to start a weekly healing session. The process would go as such; if you are interested in receiving healing you can message me personally and I will create a list for that week and on a pre-determined date I will schedule an event where we could all come together as a group and focus on sending healing energy to the names on the list for about twenty minutes or so. It would also include a short guided meditation before hand and a minute of focus on world healing and love at the end. Comment if you are interested in this taking place on a regular basis and leave some suggestions on days or how it should run. thanks!

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Thanks Jordan, for your thoughtfulness.

I would appreciate inclusion of self and family till further notice:

1. Cofie T. Ammuako-Annan

2. Rosemond Maame Insoni Angu (wife)

3. Miss Abena Ibitomi Ammuako-Annan (daughter)

4. Kweku Brew Ammuako-Annan (son)

5. Mary Ama Ibitomi Faniyan (mum, 91)

6. Benjamin Kwamena Kofi Aku Yeboah (younger brother)

7. Jackson Badu Yeboah (younger brother, jnr to 6)

8. Ezekiel Folaji Johnson (elder brother)

9. Elizabeth Abayaa Yeboah (younger sis)

10. George Joe Forson (nephew)

11. Lily Yaaya Mensah-Korankye (niece)

12. Dr. Charles Kwame Mensah-Korankye (nephew)

13. Gifty Moda Faniyan Cobbina (niece)

14. Fiifi Nketsia (nephew)

15. Maame Timmah (niece) 

16. Maame Nketsiaba (grand niece)

K thank you I will put them on the list!! 

Love and Light.

Hi Jordan,

Thank you for your invitation. I am in the process of healing my Heart. There are some old scars that still bring pain once in a while and prevent from moving forward freely. Any help would be much appreciated. Blessings!!


People please send lillie some Healing blessings!...This is her profile

Thankyou..she had suicidal tendencies...and no clue how she is!


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