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Pain is something we can all relate to and understand. Though by sharing our inner pain, the weight on our back becomes lighter. BY talking about that which worries it,  we feel better.

some write about it some talk about it but the need to express it, is mostly there. Pain kept inside eats us, to heal it must be released.

I have seen some of the worst that this world has to offer in personal experience and in others.

Only the last 5 years of my life i started to know what peace is, and u know what? Everyone fights a battle we know nothing about. Be kind. 

So tell me, what happened to you? What is your pain? May be we can help you with it? May be just by saying it you will feel better?

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As I write, through the bedroom wall I can overhear a woman (who I know) yelling and moaning about her torment. It is very early in the morning. I awoke not because of her. A headache awoke me caused by the tensions in my life that remain unvoiced. What happened to me when I was young has been processed into what has happened since I became relatively emotionally secure. The subtle shift has caused me so much pain of a new kind that I'm almost ashamed to admit it ... how dare an emotionally secure person feel pain and tears and anguish? But I do, a lot, with the love.


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