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This Group is intended to share the lineage of Paramahansa Yogananda, Sri Anandamayi Ma and The experience of Kriya Yoga, Paramahansa Yoganada was a saint who made the practice available  for the west in the early 1930's. Yoganada  is  a genius of scriptures and He on a more personal level was In contact with God. Contained in the group are rare files of Paramahansa Yogananda and Files of the Goddes Saint Sri Anandamayi Ma, as well as other scriptures and poetry that are one with  The Holy Science. Feel free everyone to post. Peace. Nicholas

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East West Magazine Recharging the Body Battery

                                                     THE BODY BATTERY

By Alvin Hunsicker
It is an interesting fact that science has reached the point where it recognizes that the cell ....both plant and animal—is an electric battery.
As cells, with their varying rates of vibration, make up the human body necessarily follows that the human mechanism— is a collection of living batteries. The organs of the human body each have their own rate of vibration. In the healthful body these different rates of vibration are properly synchronized or balanced. The human body is a perfect battery, susceptible to the cosmic or magnetic currents that are everywhere present in the universe.
Many persons are manifesting an interest and are anxious to know more about these etheric and electronic vibrations ...with their energy carrying qualities. All life on the earth and throughout the universe is due the cosmic currents which are forever flowing ...supplying the material and regulating the —form, size and density— of all physical things. This much at least is admitted by the advanced scientist ...although he may hesitate to associate man's mental and spiritual qualities —with the cosmic currents that are of a much higher rate of vibration. The field of spiritual phenomena is so vast and so important that man may well hesitate before he attempts to define it. He must approach it at the least ...with a reverent, free and open mind.
The cells of the human body have been formed from many smaller particles of so-called matter. Even now the electron is being divided and matter is being so minutely recognized, defined and classified ...that the physical scientist is on the borderland between the material and the spiritual.
We cannot measure or weigh vitality by any instrument as yet devised. What it is ...may be important. What it does is of much greater importance. It is enough to know that the blooming rose receives its vivid color from the sunlight. It is not necessary to measure and weigh so delicate a substance. Just so is enough to know that the vital current carries the principle of life ...and gives bodily health and strength. There is more in the azure blue of the etheric sky ...than the mind of man will find.
The human body is a most perfect magnet. It is constantly taking on and giving off power, a force that is manifesting through a magnetic vital current... which carries the properties that sustain the Life Principle. A person who gives out more than he takes in of this life-sustaining current ...lowers his vitality. In no event, however, can a person side-step or avoid this compelling process of nature. One must take in and one must give out.
A dog with a highly developed sense of smell is able to track another animal or a man because all animals, including man, leave behind them, when they step on the big magnet—the Earth—certain minute and imperceptible particles of themselves ...which the dog, with his highly developed sense of smell, can trace.
The motorist knows how his automobile is made, and the average person knows fairly well how his body is made. There is this difference, however, man is not satisfied in knowing how his automobile is made; he spends much time and effort in learning how to operate it skillfully. He learns all about the spark, the vital current, the life of his motor, whereas he has but slight inclination to master and control the vital spark that carries the principle of life his body.
Man can see the zinc plates and other materials that make up the battery on his car. They are visible. He knows his car has a battery because he sees it. He can tell when the spark is working well by the steady stream of power that comes from his motor. If he had but a little more insight, he would see the spark of vitality in his own body and feel the steady stream of power and strength that goes with it. His body is the battery; his vitality ...the spark that is stored within. He runs his body, and his mind, every day ...just as he runs his car. When the vital current is low ...he lies down on his bed and Nature recharges his depleted body battery, passively. Without this recharging ...he would be unable to work with any degree of efficiency, and only as he allows Nature to recharge his depleted vitality he able to carry on.
The vital current —so necessary— is acquired through enlightened and conscious will. The body needs exercise. Every organ in the body has its use and without being exercised ...will lose its power. The idea in exercise is to acquire power, therefore all exercise should be taken with the power of will behind it. We all know that when we are willing to work, we immediately feel more energetic.
Each organ of the body has its own rate of vibration. The first, third and fifth notes on the musical octave ...vibrate in harmony. The first, second and third not vibrate in harmony. If the string of the fifth note on the scale is out of tune, there will be inharmony ...every time this note is struck. Just so ...there is health inharmony —when any one of the organs is out of tune. As the fifth string on the piano, when out of tune must be brought up to pitch, reinstated in its proper vibration, just so ...must the physical organ —out of tune— be reinstated, brought up to the proper vibration. The vital current that carries the life principle must be restored, built up, and a proper equilibrium (vibration) ...must be reestablished.
The battery on an automobile does not create electric current; it simply stores and gives it out needed. Every automobile, therefore, has a generator which makes and supplies current to the battery. Nature is the great passive Generator that supplies the vital current to the human body. But the human will is the greatest active Generator and when employed actively, can accomplish what Nature accomplishes passively.
Through the medium of a wire or cable, the current from the generator on an automobile is carried to the battery. There is likewise a medium to carry the vital current ...from Nature, the generator the human battery. This invisible connection ...with each cell and organ, Nature has made, otherwise man would not function in his physical body. Man gains or loses this life-carrying current proportion as he acts —in harmony— with Nature's plan. Nature forces him to rest, relax, in order to recuperate his strength, and recharge his body with the vital current. If he takes on this current ...unconsciously, through enforced rest and relaxation, how much more can he take on ...if he consciously co-operates with Nature? What indeed ...are the possibilities with regard to a healthful and a "spiritualized body" when man intelligent and persistent action with Nature and utilizes the unseen forces about him? Then he, like the mechanic, uses fore-knowledge. He keeps his body-battery charged. The spark of vitality is kept alive. The strength of the vital current is kept up to par, thereby preventing decay. The vibrations of his bodily organs are synchronized. There is health because ...there is vital current and harmonious action.
The conscious will ...operating knowingly —is the medium through which a proper cooperation with Nature's great storehouse of vitality and strength is maintained. All of man's needs are within his reach. Ignorance alone ...keeps him from attaining. This subtle, unseen and mysterious thing we call vitality real and important. It is the highway of the life principle. It is found wherever life is found. It is in us and around us in immeasurable quantity. We keep our body battery up to full strength —recharge and replace the loss of the vital current, in proportion we know how to adjust our conscious will and action to Nature's generous but unalterable laws.

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