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In an indeterminate Universe, possibilty and Creativity are infinite. Every moment is a slice of eternity that you have chosen. Every decision that you make alters your potential future. At the bounds of your finite life, there is a probable perfection- the sum total of all BEST CHOICES equals the Will of God, for God is Absolute Good. In the field of Manifestation, duality stretches into infinitude- positive and negative looms above and dives below; you are centered in this moment, hovering between two fraudulent eternities. The atomic vibration is a blur of probability, singing one great song of love and fear.

What will you decide?

You are here because you like to play, and the experience of joy is beautiful. All around you, an illusion of chaos swirls in a frenzy of kaleidoscopic SEEMING disorder- but if you look closely, youll find that the chaos is ordered, and your perception is limited by your inabilty to transcend time and space and See from a loftier perspective. But the order is divine, and your experience is intertwined with the waves you manifest as you daily toss your stones into the placid, shimmering water. Above you is a beautiful light, giving itself in love to reveal the dream of your noble destiny- dont settle for reflections.

Sit. Be still. Know thyself and love the gift of infinite possibilty. Thank the universe for this moment. Thank your body for its selfless service in the face of neglect and abuse. Remember who you are. You are a lense through which the divine focuses down into the reality you have created, observing, omniscient, yet always impelling you onward towards the ultimate Good. The negativity and the evil is there to provide a contrast for your happiness, for without darkness, light would have nothing to shine into to make itself visible; without evil and pain and suffering, you would be unable to fully appreciate the Boon. Right now, the evil and the negativity are not a part of your reality. Right now, you are full of joy. Pay attention, love is here. Why journey outward to entertain other peoples illusions when you have reality right now, right here?

You can suffer if you want. That is a probability that always exists, the lower end of one infinite continuum of experience. The blur of quantum indeterminacy gives you the power of choice. Look at all those people who choose to limit themselves, and believe in their own powerlessness and insignificance. They weep to the sky and cast aspersions at the awful shadow of the wrathful deity, unaware that the light is behind them, and a screen before them only magnifies their own decisions and self perception.

Will you turn around? Will you remember how beautiful and perfect you are? Take a deep breath. Is that air youre breathing, or is it water? Are you aware that the whining, judgemental, wounded voice within your head is a breathing apparatus? What would happen if you took it off? You'd be unable to breathe. That means the water is foreign to you and you belong on land where the sun is shining undistorted through foggy, filthy sediment. You can see the light shimmering above.


Their is a home for you, and when you're ready, you can choose to be complete again

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Beautifully put.  I am on a journey uniting with our first born ancestors from breath to script, before the Tower of Babel.  A gentle journey, swimming to my goal of a longing thirst of understanding.  Mindfulness and bliss. 


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