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Water is the symbol of life, truth and the Sophia (Σοφíα, Greek for "wisdom"). Let there be light and let it be said that "Theway to heaven is through water."

In almost all religions you will find that Water cleanses and is the purifier, in which faiths that incorporate ritual washing (ablution) that is used to baptize, sanctify and bless, includeChristianityHinduismIslam,JudaismRastafari movement,ShintoTaoism, and Wicca. In the religion of the Buddhist, water symbolizes purity, clarity and calmness. In the Taoist traditions, water is said to point us to the Way and is considered a symbol or a pointer to the Tao (or Spirit/God). Taoism's two major branches, the Fire (yang) and Water (yin) are methods in which an absence of water is dryness, the way of death. These same teachings of the Taoist can also be compared to the Christian version of the absence of water, where St John had called this in Revelation "a fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.”
Heaven Water spirit girl

As Lao Tzu says:.

The highest good is like that of water

The goodness of water is that it benefits the ten thousand creatures,

Yet itself does not scramble for attention,

But is content with places that men disdain.

It is this that makes water so near to the Way.

Ramesses-III-paintingTo the Ancient Egyptians, the secrets of heaven and water were symbolized by the God Osiris who we can consider a God of water. Plutarch had said, "they held the Nile to be the parent and savior of Egypt, and an emanation fromOsiris," and Eusebius had written that "Osiris was the Nile, which the Egyptians supposed to flow down from heaven." They had represented Osiris as water or a type of the element of moisture, whose symbol we find in the vase full of water in which it appears they had used in all ceremonies. To the Egyptians, water was regarded as the great genial principle of all nature, calling forth and cherishing the fruits of the earth. (The picture to the right is of Ramesses III during a ritual in which he pours water from the vessel. Ramesses III was often depicted as the god Osiris.)

The Christians had also symbolized water as the way, with such biblical passages as Genesis 1:20 where we are told that the first mention of life comes from water, "Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life," and "The earth was formed out of water and by water" (NIV). Many other passages also allude to heaven being through the water and in drinking of the "water of life," or the "fountains of living water," and of " the stream of the water of life proceeding out of the throne of the Eternal."  Then in John 3:5, Jesus tells us the cold hard truth  – Jesus answered, “Very truly I tell you, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless they are born of water and the Spirit.

In the Qur'an it is stated that "Living things are made of water" and it is often used to describe paradise. In many religions such as Islam and Judaism, a ritual bath in pure water is performed for the dead. In Islam, the five daily prayers can be done in most cases after completing washing certain parts of the body using clean water (wudu), unless water is unavailable (see Tayammum).

Levite high priestMany P. Hall had said of the Universal Brotherhood; "Some are the Sons of Water — the keepers of flocks; others are Sons of Fire — the builders of cities. One group is conservative; the other is progressive. One is the king; the other the priest."

This same principle that Hall speaks of is also found in Taoism, with the water taoists (yin) who are peaceful and reserved in comparison to their fiery cousins (yang), the Fire Taoists. In the original Taoist texts, wu wei is often associated with water and its yielding nature. Although water is soft and weak, it has the capacity to erode even solid rock. Wu wei literally means non-action or non-doing by living wholly in harmony with the Tao in order to behave in a completely natural, uncontrived way.

The Eastern Orthodox Church and the Byzantine Empire icons almost always representSophia with wings, and at times with a garment of fish scales which points to Her relationship to water. In European legends and folklore, Sophia is represented by the Melusine (or Melusina) which is representative of a feminine spirit of fresh waters in sacred springs and rivers.

The Tribe of Levi and their Levite priests had used the water vase as our symbol to represent the divine spirit that flows through us. It reminds us, that  in order to access this unique place within, we must wash, cleanse and purify our thoughts, actions, habits and life daily as we do washing our hands and feet. In doing so we purify our minds, bodies and souls.Levite2Moses the high priest was also Levite, and his name literally in Hebrew means “to draw out of the water.” In Exodus 30:18 we find that Moses was to make a laver of brass and put water in it, which was to be situated between the Tabernacle and the altar for the priests to wash their hands and feet, so when they went into the Tabernacle "that they die not". Hence, they needed to be purified alchemically and this which is done through the water within our DNA.

This is not done by just the act of using water to cleanse or purify, but an actual scientific and internal alchemical process a4.0.1 person must undergo to reach that place of eternal peace and love, that some of us call heaven, illumination, enlightenment or simple human bliss. A mental state of emotion where we become one with nature, our fellow man and love all God's creatures. This is witnessed to us by St. John the Evangelist who said, "Little children, love one another." Through this unconditional love is where we find peace and wisdom in which we then can change our complete alchemical make-up (internal human chemistry) in order to lead us to the water, that some of us call heaven and away from the lake of fire and sulfur, or what some may call hell.

A state of mind and being, where those of you who hate and are angry find alchemical hell in the sulfur within your very chemical make up that makes you, you that then multiplies by the billions like a virus with each evil thought. But those of you who do not partake in the hate and anger, by practicing the most ancient art on earth of love, acceptance and happiness, will find alchemical heaven through the water which resides in their very DNA.


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