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The Cosmic Mind Group.

Developing ones psychic ability to predict the future, moving into the realm of knowing, tapping the field of consciousness.

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The awakened God mind allowing humanity to heal. (know thy self and to thy own self be true.)

Imagine what it's like to think as God. A point of eternal cognition, a sublime, complete and total awareness of all that is, was and ever will be. We are all taking place in the mind and heart of God. We are all existing within God Source. God is not outside THERE some place. It's great to have reverence but you should be part of what you are having reverence for. The true God values each and every one of its parts equally and each part that grows back into what it was becomes that Self. God is both scientific and spiritual. Consciousness is the point where science and spirituality come together, because consciousness is an energetic substance. There is a substance to consciousness e.g. our body is a form of consciousness, but at the same time consciousness is beyond all form. It is a form unto itself and it is the only form. God is made of substance. God is not something intangible that you cannot conceive of. There is no difference between the substance that your body is made of and the body of God. They are all the same substance.

The Heart/Mind of God: The Yunasai. Movement happens in the mind of God. In the Heart of God is the eternal Flame of cognition, a stillness that is beyond thoughts, words and motion. The point of stillness within which all motion takes place. These are parts of the God-mind that are reflected in your cells. As you begin to expand, you will find direct cognition coming to you more and more. There is a road map to expanding into these states of consciousness. A concept of cosmic eggs within eggs. There are specific processes of energy dynamics that can be used once you understand how these eggs are formed. We are all God, walking around looking at itself; 'reality' changes with time as well as integration of identity; it is all intertwined. We are all energy identity beings. Energy identity cannot be created or destroyed. It only changes form perpetually and eternally.

Every time you think a thought you are creating a morphogenetic field; your thoughts don't just disappear when they leave your head! Keylontic Science gives us the science to back this up. When we think, we create. With every thought you are bringing something into creation, or more accurately, changing its form, because in reality energy cannot be created or destroyed. The nature of thought (and of the morphogenetic field) is that it draws to itself more like particles and they fill themselves out in matter.

Consciousness enters dimensionalisation through the 8th Dimensional frequencies. The Energy Matrix is like a large energy egg within which groups of Time Matrices or 15 Dimensional systems take place. Three levels or eggs of the Energy Matrix correspond to three different levels of Ascended Mastery.

Creation of Shadow Self: More than 150,000 years ago, a pattern of polarity reversal was set up by the Intruder Races. As a result, part of our DNA were inactivated and disconnected from the Whole. This created multiple "probable selves" because of the many different "versions" of the Self. It wasn't intended to be this way. There was originally one direction, that of us as a Soul... our "heroic probability". Monadic Reversal: Reverses polarity of charge so the lower Hova Bodies cannot plug into higher Hova Bodies". Our lower and higher (or inner and outer) Selves are disconnected and we are thereby "locked in time. Origins of Illuminati Races: The Illuminati Races on earth are part of many races of Beings that have undergone Monadic Reversal. These Beings have a consciousness that can no longer reconnect to their higher God-selves. This time on earth is a time when channelling skills can be more easily developed, but it is also a time when it is more dangerous to do so. It makes one susceptible to "holographic inserts" from the Intruder races.

Integration of the mental body is an important part of spiritual mastery and will help us become more effective constructive "Creators". Some of the steps in developing mental body mastery are:

1. Becoming aware of what is going on In one's mind/head space (spend some quiet time observing one's thoughts)
2. Learning to stop or slow down thought (ask the question as to whether the thought serves your highest good)
3. Noticing that many thoughts are not our own and becoming familiar with what is ours and what is not by examining the patterns of thoughts.

Discussion of the nature of Karma. It is our karma to start to be responsible for our own energy. Melchizedek God Seed: This name has a tonal resonance/vibrational signature or "frequency" that resonates with one of the God Seeds in the God/Source Time Matrix. It is the God Seed through which the human design was created. The vibration is more important than the outer sound, and the frequency of that energy can serve as a signal for God/Source energies for any Being in any part of the Universe. Ordinations: A true ordained Melchizedek minister has an energy bond with their Rishi Level of Self in Harmonic Universe 5. The Rishi will sustain a pillar of light in which one can align one's Hova Bodies and clear the karmic or "miasmic" imprint. Ordinations are about energies and frequencies, not about titles. It is about connecting our higher selves with our lower selves to start the process DNA and Hova Body activation. Taking an initiation allows one to commit to one's heroic probability, and one's purpose. When one is able to communicate with one's Rishi level of Self, it is called direct cognition. One can often feel bursts of energy or transmissions of light carrying huge amounts of data. Meditation: Journey to Mintaka (Orion).

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Comment by Regina Mays on February 19, 2015 at 1:52pm

Thanks for the invite. Perhaps I can learn how to control or channel my intuitions here

Comment by Quantum Lori on September 6, 2011 at 4:43am

BRAVO! WELL DONE! Especially on the link between subliminal technology and channeling. I have warned many for years of this. I do indeed recognize Divine Inspiration between 'rogue incoming'. 

Currently I have discovered what I believe is a missing link!

I believe that a small single celled organism called a 'diatom', a single cell silicon eating organism was crossed genetically with nanobot technology!

Easily inserted into ones genes by a number of clever quantic ways. Once inserted it can literally act as a 'BIOCHIP' implant, thus hijacking our DNA via HAARP! Something to really look into!

To get to 'THE HEART' of the problem, one must find it's evil roots!




Quantum Lori

Comment by Val on April 9, 2011 at 11:43pm

I think we are conducts and recieve messages in symbolism. It is up to us to understand how it relates to us.


In my experiences and studies I think the future is on a constant fluax and change nothing is fully set in motion for it could at any moment change by the slightest things we do. I do believe that we can see into the future as it stands if nothing changes or parts of it that comes to us in symbolic meaning. This is still a long term study for many. Many things come to some as warnings or to prepare ourselves. Dreams also are mainly our subconsious mind communicating with the consious mind Both parts of the mind have a differant way of accepting things and often are in confliction with one another due to the opposit forces they both are but in dreams they try to communicate to one another in symbolic meaning to come to a compromise where both understand it. Its our Minds way on figuring out what is going on with us and coming up with a solution that both the subconsious and physical mind can accept it as.



Comment by Spirit Bear on November 17, 2009 at 1:54pm
The bridge.

Last week I was going through a bit of a rough spell, Having a very hard time connecting to my higher self. I was compelled to go and sit in the shower in the Lotus position and meditate with the water raining down upon me. Shortly after sitting I saw my lower self and my higher self separated by a river. Almost instantly the thought came to me to build a bridge so that I could connect the two and all of a sudden there it was I had a bridge connecting the two. I mustered up more courage to cross the bridge and when I got to the other side I was engulfed in light and love, almost overwhelming there was so much of it. Ever since that day many great things continue to happen. Right after my experience I made a video and was compelled to call We Are One. I feel that I have finally really and truly connected to the Source and mt truest form of being. Thank you for letting share this experience with you. Spirit Bear.

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