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The images and script combine to put the reader in the proper state of mind to receive the wisdom contained within! Thanks!

Where can I get a hard copy of this?
Soon it shall be available to all, we are still bringing the wisdom into its highest expression, and soon it shall be fit for multiplication.

Would love to have it on my coffee table also, would make excellent posters as well MA.

I Can't wait.
This is what I was supposed to find today!!  Thank you!

wow amazing thank u so much

Thanks Anki, its a bit old though, I keep on updating it as I shed more light on other aspects of my subconscious, however I'm yet to post it on here. 

it would be great if u would let me know when its ready and posted. send a share or so. would love to read it :) 

Yeah, Tris was asking the same thing a few days ago, I was explaining how we attract experiences as the fuel four our spiritual journeys and I am still attracting, anyways one thing is certain, divine seeds that are sown and nurtured with divine love, are eventually reaped and made ready for multiplication with divine love, I know this seed will eventually be ready for multiplication, even this message from you serves as confirmation and thats what keeps us seekers seeking.  


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