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Started by Mental Alchemist. Last reply by Mental Alchemist Aug 11, 2013. 9 Replies


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Comment by Lightdragon on September 5, 2013 at 11:02pm
Comment by Mental Alchemist on September 20, 2012 at 7:02pm

Hi Shane,

Of course, I choose to offer one, we all are here to learn and grow spiritually, even the process of answering you is of great assistance to my spiritual growth.

From my spiritual journey and personal experiences, The Neter Heru (Upholding the Principle of Ascension and functioning as Mastery)  is Son of Asar (Upholding the Principle of germination and Functioning as Renewal) and Auset (Upholding the Principle of Fruition and Functioning as Birth).

His Wife is Hwt-Heru (Het-Heru) (Upholding the Principle of Fertilization and Functioning as Conception), their offspring is Ihy, the sistrum bearer( The sistrum represents the concept of arousal) (Ihy Upholds the Principle of Insemination and functions as Procreation), He is the beloved.

Mastery and Ascension (The Realm of Heru) comes from the spiritual manifestation of the Solar Principle, His physical counterpart is Ra (The Principle of Circulation and the Function of Rotation). The concept of Mastery and Ascension have their roots in the Tree of Life, and in correspondence with its physical counterpart, these concepts are experienced as a Spiral force (The Golden Spiral, The Golden Mean, The Golden Numbers).

Ascension in therefore the result of Mastery of the Spiral force expressed in the Physical World as Phi (The Golden Spiral, The Golden Mean, The Golden Numbers).

Het-Heru is the Wife of Heru because this spiral force needs to be constantly aroused to ensure to continuity of processes requiring Fertilization and Conception in Nature, it is as result of this very important role the She is the Pinnacle of Goddess worship.

The instrument of Het-Her is the Sistrum (The concept of arousal), Ihy is the Sistrum Bearer because the natural processes of Insemination and Fertilization,  Procreation and Conception are rooted in the Spiral Force  we know as Phi requires arousal and this ensures that Living things continue to aspire to greater expression under the rays of the Sun just as base metals are transmuted to Gold. 

I hope this helps.


Comment by Shane on September 20, 2012 at 2:16pm

Mental Alchemist, what do you understand about the neteru Heru and his wife Hwt-Heru? Do you have any insight into these two beings? Thank you for your reply if you choose to offer one.

Comment by Mental Alchemist on September 14, 2012 at 7:04am

The Key words are intention and vibration, the key is Love, the Service to others vibration on all dimensions is on the frequency that we express as Love, unconditional.  When you vibrate on the frequency of love you can only attract beings that promote service to others.

With regards to your questions on Alchemy, this is the most honest answer you can ever get. 1)You need a Laboratory, note that this Laboratory is simply You and your Sacred Space. 2) Start with a genuine intention from the core of your being to understand this text. There are many versions but this is the one I resonate with the most.

 Chiram Telat Mechasot means Chiram: The Universal Agent

Comment by Anubis on September 14, 2012 at 6:24am

Hi Mental Alchemist, thank you so much for responding to my question. You gave me a lot of info, and i had to read it a few time to digest it all. I have the first 3 books of the earth chronicles, also i read the lost book of enki. The information i stated earlier was in the lost book of enki, not the 12th planet. 
I totally believe that the annunaki came for mining gold, and they created us. As you know the cuniform script was laden with double meanings. Sitchin did a great job explainging the double meanings of sumerian script. Now a question, Would it be safe to conjure these 5th density/inter dimensional beings? I would think you may conjure something else. As stated in the law of one, theres service to others 4th 5th 6th beings and theres service to self 4th 5th 6th beings. I dont think they're held by an integrity law, so even if you did conjure one, how would you know it is who it says it is? I am very interested in alchemy, where would a person go to learn the basics, proper use, of this art?

Comment by Mental Alchemist on September 14, 2012 at 6:21am

It is called The Principle of Universal Agency.

A Universal Agent is a divine emmissary operating within a matrix of consciousness that allows for the expression of the seven universal powers of 1) Maat to ensure Order through Definition 2) Heka to practice Magic as a means of expressing Creativity 3) Sia to express Intelligence and facilitate Knowledge 4) Hu to use Utterance in expression of Will 5) Maa using Sight to carry out Observation 6) Sedjem using sound to ensure Cognizance 7) Sa the use of Constitution to express Affinity.

The ultimate objective is to fulfil the Divine Will of the Most High and the Great Architect of the Universe by virtue of the primeval essence of which they themselves are formed manifest as the benefactors of Humanity on Earth.

Comment by Mental Alchemist on September 14, 2012 at 5:57am

Hi there Anubis, The first is "The Twelth Planet", so you must be reading "The stairway to Heaven", I'm reading "The war between Gods and Men" which is the third, but I totally agree with you on the issue of construction, and I came to the conclusion that Sitchin did not need so many titles to put his ideas across, I think the problem is Sitchin saying the same thing over and trying to keep that hidden from readers, dont get me wrong, there is a lot of information but it would not take as much titles if he wasn't trying to expand the information which I believe is the cause of the issue with the construction.  

Now concerning the Law of One, I view it as the product of using both sides of ones brain equally, the middle pillar so to say. I have realised that a lot of information out there especially when publishers are out to profit becomes distorted, I believe we should access these entities directly and I try not to speculate on what they are or have been, I never accept what others say unless I can verify it. Here is an example, Sitchin says the Annunaki came to mine gold, I totally agree with this but I will present another stand point on the same concept to give you an idea of how gold mining from the 3rd dimensional point of view means something totally different from the fifth dimensional point of view. 

Sitchin obviously believes that these advanced being came to mine the physical metal gold for whatever reasons he outlines, however from my personal experience with the Law of One and from devotion the the same beings described as the Annunaki under the Khemetic concept of the Neteru, I have realised that Gold mining means a totally different thing when we talk the Alchemical stand point, as alchemy is a mental and spiritual science, extracting gold or bringing an object to higher expression through transmutation simply means assisting the process of evolution as a creator God.

When you now consider  this point of view, what Sitchin puts forward as a race of highly advanced beings coming to mine gold and creating a being to do the work takes a different outlook, It now reads that Creator Gods came to assist evolution of the beings native to the earth using advanced science to ensure that the lesser advanced being assist in their own evolution through devotion to the Creator Gods.

Now how was this achieved? Sitchin puts forward that this was achieved through genetic manipulation of the native being and a trial and error approach until the desired outcome was achieved and there is also the mention of ME's described as tiny objects encoded with formulas for all aspects or sciences and civilization.

Now let us run along these lines, Creator Gods coming to assist evolution of a native being using an advance science to ensure that the native beings actively partake in its own evolution through devotion to the Creator Gods, the gold mining becomes the advanced science which  from ancient egyptian records is Alchemy, the ME's become the archetypes and blueprints and become something like Crop Circles, we now get a totally different picture not from the third dimension or the being that is subject to evolution, but from the 5th dimension and the being that is the architect of the evolution. 

A group of Creator Gods from a more subtle and less dense dimension came to earth to assist the native species with its evolution using an advanced science known as "Alchemy", changing base metals to gold, gold mining or bringing that which is base to its highest expression.

This was achieved by impressing universal archetypes (Crop circles) based on sacred geometry directly unto the planets surface on crops without damaging the energy field radiating from the crops by the use of Golden Spirals, Golden means and Golden numbers. 

Comment by Anubis on September 14, 2012 at 4:57am

Also has anyone read 12th planet? The law of one claims to  be the group entity known as Ra, in the 12th planet, Enki's son marduk became Ra. Is that to say they are the one and the same. If so then the annunaki known as Ra is now a 5th density being?

Comment by Anubis on September 14, 2012 at 4:55am

Im on the 2nd book, and im finding it hard to get through this one, anyone else have trouble with its construction? I find myself having to read and re read paragraphs over and over...any pointers, tips or should i just skip the parts im having trouble with?

Comment by Stacy Yvette Edwards on January 18, 2011 at 5:43pm
My first day! According to picture you are aware of the secret places of the lion. All one...

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