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The Power of Our Words


The Power of Our Words

This group is about the power of words and the impact they have on all of life.
When we consciously decide what meaning the words we use will have, the more precise our communication will be.
We will say what we mean and mean what we sa

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My quest for knowledge started at the age of fifteen when I made this statement to myself on the way to work one morning: There must be more to life than what I am living. I had a challenge thinking that my whole life would be the same, day in and day out.

At nineteen I enrolled in a yoga class and discovered viewpoints that definitely challenged mine. So before I took these on, I decided to investigate. This quest put me on a path of self-discovery.

From yoga I moved into the study of Chinese medicine—their philosophy and body movement such as tai chi and qigong. After a number of years studying the theory of Chinese medicine, I found that they devoted only one quarter of a page to emotions. I was quite confounded by this, as I felt that our emotions can trigger all sorts of things within us. I felt very strongly that emotions were the underlying cause for many things in our lives. I realized that I have learned everything I needed from these systems.

I was introduced to a chiropractor who specialized in the Mitzvah Technique. Through this practice, I started to awaken to the idea that I was totally in charge of my body and what happened to it. I was introduced to the wave motion in the spine. When initiated properly, the wave motion set about certain body dynamics in which I felt that I was being walked. It’s quite a unique sensation.

At the same time that I was learning this method, I was asked by a friend to check out a belly dance class with her. I discovered that this activity was a continuation of my journey of self-discovery. The dancers were doing an undulating movement, which creates a wave motion in the spine. I was delighted. This pursuit led me into the Western philosophers and the ancient mysteries of Egypt.

During my sixteen years as a student and teacher of this amazing art form, I found the secret to the power of the belly dance, which provided a great bodywork to process my changes because it is geometrically based. This fell in line with my other studies in the ancient mysteries and sciences, which led me into various arenas and mystery schools such as The Rosicrucian Order AMORC, The Traditional Martinist Order, and The Builders of the Adytum (BOTA), The Tarot, The Qabalah and Sacred Geometry specifically the study of the Flower of Life and the Metatron's Cube technology. The ancient mysteries are vast and their depth is all encompassing worthy of a person's time and energy. They have taken me into deeper studies, which is still ongoing.

Along with the above, I came to meet a scholarly gentleman who taught me the power of mental programming and how powerful language was in this process. One day after meeting him I went to a new age bookstore and came upon a box of words. This began an ongoing journey into The Power of Our Words and how we use them. I also understood that the Meaning of Words have a direct impact on all of our life interactions and on life itself.

I have continually cultivated and developed a word card system. When I use these word cards with any type of reading or method of communication it adds further insight, which can provide inspiration, empowerment, motivation and confirmation. This system has been time tested with numerous individuals with great success. I received many testimonials three of which you will find on the Testimonials page.

I feel I have found a great formula for communicating with our Higher Self , which can truly be life altering. This can move us in the direction we are meant to move, especially towards the completion of The Great Work, manifesting and living as our authentic and divine self on earth

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Max Picard on "Language and the Voice"

Started by John Savlove Sep 24, 2017. 0 Replies

"The sound with which a human soul was torn away from eternity so that it might achieve actuality, this sound echoes in the voice, it givers to the voice its particular unmistakable timbre".    …Continue

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Comment by Deborah Louise on August 27, 2017 at 2:39pm
I stand right there with you, Mystic Misfit, and TOTALLY come into agreement with you! Blessings~
Comment by Mystic Misfit on September 21, 2013 at 10:01pm

The Power of the words “I AM”


We hear it and say it many times a day. But what most people don’t know is that the words “I AM” have a Divine Power attached to them. When you declare “I AM” something, you actually bring to reality what you have declared if you add feelings to it, and you send some extra power equal to your feelings.

Human beings are Divine Creators and ‘I AM” is their Divine Formula. Like Beloved Asun would say:”What you feel you make real and what you put your attention upon you become”.

Words have a lot more power than people imagine, and they are used very often without consideration. A good exercise to do is to watch everything we say and hear and be aware of how it makes us feel and how people react.

It is an eye opener.We then realize the chain reaction of what words with feelings can do. When you realize how powerful your words are, you get very careful to what gets out of your mouth and what you send into the world because you get more sensitive to the words spoken around you. It actually got proven that the vibration of words can physically disturb people, plants and animals.

When you start changing the kind of dialogue you speak, your life also starts changing and reflects what you declare. A wonderful new reality appears in front of you and people start acting differently around you.

“I AM filled with joy and happiness and nothing can stop me!!!”

Do you feel the great positive energy rising up and wanting to come out of you, ready to be Victorious? Personally, it makes me want to get up and create something wonderful!

Let’s just focus on the positive and what makes us vibrate. There are so many wonders in this universe and so many beautiful words to describe them so let’s start a new conversation!

Search for words that really make you happy, energized and powerful!

Positive energy is contagious so let’s fill this universe with an overdose of Joy, Happiness, Peace and Harmony and let’s be a great example for others to follow.

“I AM a creator being and everything I do works out perfectly”

“I AM always open and receptive to all the wonderful blessings that are coming into my life and I AM grateful!”

You can create your own, you just have to start with “I AM” and add whatever you desire for yourself or other without limitations.

You can add even more power to it if you add “the Resurrection and the Life of…”.

For example: “I AM the Resurrection and the Life of all the abundance and supply that is given to my freely by my Creator.”

Comment by Raven Nightsong on August 28, 2013 at 6:44am

@Mystic Misfit - that is an awesome quote, and that concept is one of the things I am very grateful for learning during my time as Pentecostal/Charismatic Christian. I learned the Power of the Tongue, our words, the spoken words and how words manifest either life or death in both the regular everyday part of our life, and also in our more esoteric, or spiritual, leanings. 

Years ago, when I was with a coven, the elders in Witchcraft use to teach about the Power of Words as well. They taught that even to read a spell, incantation, etc. aloud from a book would bring it into manifestation. It brought about a mindfulness in what we read that gave new meaning to the whole experience of reading. :) 

Comment by Mystic Misfit on August 28, 2013 at 12:17am

"...if you repeat a thought, or say a word, over and over again-not once, not twice, but dozens, hundreds, thousands of times-do you have any idea of the creative power of that? A thought or a word expressed and expressed and expressed becomes just that-expressed. That is, pushed out. It becomes outwardly realized. It becomes your physical reality."


Comment by Raven Nightsong on August 25, 2012 at 2:23am

Thank you so much, Liz, for the welcome! :)

Comment by Angela Gay Byars on July 26, 2011 at 10:32am

Thank YOU, Liz, for making my day.  I will be most interested to see where you go with this.  "Harnessing a successful union".  Very good.


Comment by Angela Gay Byars on July 25, 2011 at 9:58pm
Really makes you stop and think!   Bridal/bridle hit me like a ton of bricks the other day.  Gives new meaning to the word "groom" ... : )
Comment by Angela Gay Byars on July 25, 2011 at 9:32pm

Thank you, Liz.  I'm happy to be here!  I guess you could call me a homophonophobic (just made that up LOL).  Have you ever noticed how the English language tricks us with homophones?  For example:  week/weak, morning/mourning, days/daze, bridal/bridle, trust/trussed, whole/hole, whys/wise - just to name a few.  I'm looking forward to many stimulating discussions.


Comment by Joe Clarke on June 27, 2011 at 11:54am

What about the power of glossolalia or words made up for ourselves? A friend uses a word he made up in order to convey whatever is on his mind at the time. Funnily enough I found it made sense most of the time.


This led me to think about the power of words. Is it the words that have power in themselves or is it the meaning attached to the words that is powerful?


And how do we define what is powerful anyway? Is it simply that one thing has the ability to change or influence itself or another?



Comment by Joe Clarke on June 8, 2011 at 12:00pm



1. noun, a meat cake made from pork or lamb brains and onion.


2. noun, a bundle of herbs tied up with string.


3. noun, a derogetory term for a homosexual man.


True...words do have different meanings depending on who's using them and for what purpose. Personally I love faggots.


Many thousands of blessings



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