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The Universe as a Hologram


The Universe as a Hologram

This theory combines metaphysics, psychology, physics, biology, and spirituality. This symbolic convergence is the solution for our species survival.



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Description of Holographic Universe Theory

The brain as a hologram was an idea that was first proposed by Karl Pribram in the second half of the 20th century when psychologists discovered that memories are distributed throughout the brain rather than in “engrams”. The properties that were discovered were much similar to the properties of a hologram. For example, if you were to cut up the paper of a hologram, each part would contain the entire image because they are capable of storing that much information. Research studies have proved that everything is recorded in our minds as well, and on average each person will contain approximately 2,800,000,000,000,000,000,000 memories in their lifetime which is an incredible amount when you consider the amount of memories that we are consciously capable of retrieve. Our brains also have an ability to naturally use Fourier mathematics, a system of converting images into mathematical waves, which is exactly the same complex system that holograms use to project images. This explains everything from our ability to remember, recognize, transfer skills, and also phantom limb sensations that all people are capable of. 

When considering quantum mechanics our reality will never be able to be fully experienced by us in it’s natural state, and thats because everything we touch turns into matter since the quanta behaves in such a way that it only takes form as a particle when it’s being watched. This bizarre behavior pervades all through out space just like gravity, but the behavior of each part is determined by the whole. Everything in the universe is part of giant continuum and the true nature of our reality is enfolded so it remains to be a mystery to us, however, what we do know is that all points of space are equal to all others. Like a hologram, every part contains the entire whole, and if the whole is the thing determining the behavior of each part that means that the whole itself must be conscious as well. Since matter is conscious this also means that consciousness is a subtle form of matter, so in other words there is more than one dimension of space determining the behavior of our reality. When I personally picture reality I imagine a giant painting, and although not all of the images are connected, there is a giant canvas behind everything that we see that connects the entire image. Our reality is similar to this, but it is all instead connected by sub-atomic particles, and that includes the higher dimensions as well as the past and the future. Everything in our universe is connected, and that’s because it’s all being determined by consciousness which is present throughout the entire universe like a canvas being behind an entire painting, and although we may be a part of the entire picture, our perceptions are not always the same because we’re not always physically located on what we would perceive as the same place or even the same level or vibration. 

People are more likely to respond not to reality itself, but to what they perceive as reality, so their perception is more powerful than the actual state. Since our bodies are considered the whole of ourselves it’s our consciousness that determines the state of each individual part whether it be in terms of our molecular make up or how our organs function. All reality is is a result of wave-like consciousness and wave patterns of matter working together to form a hologram which is perceived by the same source that creates it. This phenomenon explains everything from miracles to why the perception of reality varies from person to person. People are capable of experiencing different realities through their minds, but the reason that they’re not yet accessible to all of us is because we tend to fragment our reality or become too certain of our physical surroundings. If we were to acknowledge the wholeness of all that is than we would all be capable of traveling to different realms. shape-shifting, seeing with our minds, influencing material objects with our minds, and moving from one place to another with the power of our minds. There are many possibilities within our reality and that is because our reality is a hologram, and the only way to experience the true nature of it would be to acknowledge that it it does’t exist, therefore, creating yet another paradox, but if we ever did want to break these barriers we would need to change our own molecular vibrations to a frequency that is capable of comprehend paradoxes since that is exactly what our universe is.


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I also recommend reading "The Holographic Universe" by Michael Talbot.

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Comment by Jolan ☯ on June 25, 2015 at 8:09am

Everything is refracted from the timeless and spaceless unified central singularity source point, which sits at the core of all things beneath, above and beyond. Ommmm

Comment by Ommi on March 25, 2013 at 8:58pm


Comment by Rafael Cadenas on March 9, 2012 at 7:49am

"The All is mind the universe is mental"...the illusion of the Holodeck?

Comment by Ommi on June 21, 2011 at 6:44am
hi sky.....   i liked the comment................everything is an illusion.this is a hard concept for most to get as lives have been mind created.our original nature is clear(free of conditioned thought)of pure being(sourceof all)thanks for an enjoyable  site..........cheers.......bill(ommi)..
Comment by LUNATIC ALAN MICHEAL CULPEPPER on March 19, 2011 at 1:48pm
....what should iii say..all(ah)1 need 2 know isis per say,,,0=3..1=2..well any ways love the old/new it is..their nothing new under the sun/son...but..what we find 2 make the RT..(V) what we/uu/iii can make A:A new (((Matter))at0m=3(((JahBul0n))we can jump time (hint)butt clue uu can (never))sleep!!93..93/39..Maha ah(all))(b/c)a=grid

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