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Hi can anyone help with information about this symbol,I designed it using the word love and it looks very masonic in this format.

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every man has to figure the word for himself

every man as to figure the word out for himself

I would like to know what is free mason from those who understand it better..

Greetings Laura.

I just recently joined the EO. community. As I was looking through groups I'm interested in, I came across your question, and that it has not been answered. The question concerning Freemasons cannot be answered simply without risking doing a disservice.

I invite you to take a moment to watch this video. I am sure it will begin to answer some of your questions. Le Droit Humain is a fraternity of male and female Freemasons.

~ May you find what you seek. ~

Thank you Sidney, I will watch the video and get back. 


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