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 I was a Master Mason, York Rite and Scottish Rite, after about 5 year my religious views changed immensly, I was a christian priest theologian of 35 years; since dropped the christian part, and working in Waite would called the black Arts.  not at all anti christian- more graduated out of high school as it were.

  I relocated from Missouri to Tennessee, i was very thrilled with the intensity in which the lodge I went to worked and transferred asap, and demitted from my old lodge.  The first night i was there I informed the WM i practiced Sorcery, no problem was his opinion. Afew months later i was investigated and voted into the new lodge. Even though during the meetings I felt some discomfort by what seemed extreme Christian force and overworking and discussion- hell I felt like i was in church, I figured to keep my life to myself and enjoy what I could. I got more uncomfortable and decided to write the Grand lodge to get an explanation of what religious policies they had. long story short, I found myself out of th elodge within 4 months, not that I was feeling very welcome- kept out and avoided far beyond I could believe.

  About 14 yrs ago i had heard of a movement called The Dominionist'- I dug enough to hope it would not be an issue of my life. now I have found much to my dismay, the Entire Fraternity is under careful and skillful infiltration by the Dominionists, to the point that Tennessee is now simply a front for them. Sadly, I have to declare- There is No Masonry in Tennessee; and the plague is worming its way through all other lodges. Tragedy.

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There is Masonry in Tennessee.  I live here. 

Sorcery is one of two ways to manipulate energy.   

Sorcery has no positive aspect to it.  Sorcery is the use of ones WILL at the expense of everyone for the benefit of only the person practicing. 

Wizardy could be considered the use of one's WILL at the expense of no one, for the benefit of all.    So, you were asked or removed or whatever with the reason more than likely because of the views towards sorcery.   Many Masons who are a part of the lodge don't practice ANY arts as many are only 3rd degree Masons and that's all they will ever know unless they seek more light.   So for you to approach the WM and tell him you practice the imposition of your willpower over others probably wasn't something  he was ready to listen to. 

 Perhaps you were told that it's not bad to practice Sorcery.. But there is nothing good about it.. Just maybe someone who slapped the name Sorcery on some beneficial practice because the name Sorcery sounds empowering (It does)..  But, this is the traditional dark view on Sorcery and is more than likely why you were out of the lodge in my humble opinion. 



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