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Many Twins  are in the difficult, challenging position of having a married Twin.  It has been the most difficult part of this whole journey for me, and I have gone back and forth between acceptance, resignation, and surrender, and hurt, anger, jealousy, and expectations.

Today I was on a Facebook group, and we got into a discussion, and I brought up my feelings, and someone pointed out that the problems I have had are related to my own feelings and beliefs about marriage, and I'm actually the one who is holding us back, and keeping us in a continuous loop, facing the same conflicts over and over.  With some introspection,  I can see the issues that are causing this, deep core wounds that reach far back into my past.  

I was given a series of questions to ask myself, and I won't give you my own answers right now, but perhaps if you have similar feelings, these questions might help you, too.

1. What are your childhood memories about the relationship between your parents?  Were they happy, affectionate, loving, or were they emotionally cold, unavailable, or abusive?  Did their marriage last, or did they get divorced.  If they divorced, how did that affect you?

2. What were your relationships like?  How were you affected?  How long did they last?  What traits did you bring to the relationship, based on example of your parents, your experiences and feelings?

3. How did your religious upbringing, or experiences affect your feelings and attitudes and beliefs about marriage.  

Those are the questions I am working on right now.  If any of you can think of others, feel free to add to the list.  

I am also posting a very good video, one of the best I've found, that explains why Twins often come into contact with a Twin who is already married, and some of the more esoteric and spiritual reasons for Twin Flames to be together, how essential it is for the Ascension.

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