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I thought it might be nice to have a place we can all share our creativity, whether poetry (my specialty),  short stories, or art work, videos, etc.  I'm on a writer's group on another Social Network,, and the way we do it is that each poem, story, etc. is a separate discussion.  That way people can comment, and give encouragement to the writer.  So I will start it out with my latest poem, Twin Flame Love.


I hope you will enjoy my contributions to the Love and Light of the Twin Flames Story, and will feel free to add your own. :) <3 <3 Namaste.

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Waiting Is: Do You Grok?

I often feel like a 'Stranger in a Strange Land' as I wait for Divine Timing's command,
A long time coming, through this vale of  fears,  Life has led me to BE here,
Waiting for Reunion from different Spheres,
With Star-based Family, and Beloved Twin...
Do you Grok?  Waiting IS!

Waiting is such a pain, while my tears fall like rain,
It's been such a struggle, such a fight,
Like a shadowed plant reaching for Light,
My lonely soul often has reached for Love,
Not quite remembering my Home above.

Do you Grok?  Can you understand,
The loneliness of a woman for a man?
And not just any man will do,
For there is only ONE,
And God created Me for You.

In the Beginning, the tale is told,
 Councils of Light, planning the earth,
Sought Volunteers to undergo blindness at birth,
A veil to be dropped,  amnesia begin,
Forgetting that LOVE is Never a Sin.

And so we fell,  Paradise became Hell,
We lost our wings, and no more heard our Soul sing,
Ego reigned supreme,  and Duality's dream kept us mired,
'Til all that was left were embers of  Divine Fire.

Blindly we searched for lifetimes untold,
Waiting for Time to slowly unfold,
Knowing Somewhere, was waiting our Other Half,
In the meantime, finding solace, laughter and Love,
While we waited for a sign from Above.

And so the Twin Flame paradigm came into being,
And many hearts broke,  for they were seeing
The Beloved with another mate,
And they wondered, was it too late?

Do you Grok?  Waiting IS!
Divine Timing nearly complete,
Hearts rejoice, at last, KNOWING  they'll meet,
Star-based Family,  Beloved Twins,
Homeward bound on gossamer wings,
And as ONE our SOUL will sing!

By AstrandaLynn, July 30, 2012

                                  Spontaneous Twin Flame Poem New Years Morning 2017

Black-eyed peas from New Orleans

Okra Creole, simmering beans

That was a New Year led in a very old life

Was it before i was a praying mantis

that i knew you in Atlantis

perhaps your father, perhaps your wife?

The Harvest New Year golden, then the Januaries

When to the spring the Twin Flame marries

The birth of union blithe

  {john savlove}

Clothes are a necessary fantasy.
Your breasts are your breasts, your skin is your skin, your face is your face.
Your blouse is a house, and underneath the ground, water.
Everywhere inside of you is me.
Interior dialogue and me.
The world around you and me.

My mind is off and on with the wiser atoms clinging to the static energy, the not-you in the air.

We’re always interfacing with a screen.
A half-lotus in front of the TV can be nakedly in the moment,
like the one with the laptop shut away from the din. Except that this is not away from the din.
I find a channel I like and tune in. Then, like
a quark that can only be seen when the observer is not looking,
the magnets sweep through my skull. You are thinking of me.
And whatever else I may be doing, you can take it for granted that I am thinking of you.

Left Eustachian tube rises and aches. Constantly gently pops.

A while back I decided that as this sense of “objective music” grew, all my critical language would one day read as simply descriptive. Now it’s even worse than that.
Now it’s that anything I write – anything that relates to me – is a document of this experience. It’s like the opposite of being dizzy – an inner spinning about as grounding as quicksand. Innate exogenous unverified coating.
Your immaterial aura 
has reduced everyone and everything

down to the psi of a sigh, the size of a pea.

                                                                                     {John Savlove, September 2009}

The 20th century bard does use the word in this sense in one song, "Simple Twist of Fate". Dylan uses it in the last of 6 verses. I am posting verses 5 & 6 here for you. New verses do arise in live performance.

He hears the ticking of the clocks
And walks along with a parrot that talks
Hunts her down by the waterfront docks
Where the sailors all come in
Maybe she'll pick him out again
How long must he wait?
One more time, for a simple twist of fate

People tell me it's a sin
To know and feel too much within
I still believe she was my twin
But I lost the ring
She was born in spring
But I was born too late
Blame it on a simple twist of fate


                                                      ~~ Bob Dylan, 1974 ~~


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