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Quite recently I came across this topic myself, 

when I was looking for info about Karmic Relationships and De-cording. 

Found this to be very thorough. 

Have a look :)

Remember that your Twin Flame can be the same person

as the person you have a Karmic Relationship with!  (to add some confusion)

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And remember your Twin Flame can be of the same gender, a lot of sites say it is impossible, however we must remember that we do not know what gender we were when we were first created.  It is about the male/female energy not the visage we were born into, thus there can and will be same-gender Twin Flames, so this being said one must not look upon gay couples that are Twin Flames as not TRUE TWIN FLAMES!!!  

I have found my Twin this year, in a very unusual, she was the author of a book I read and I interviewed her, before the interview we both talked like we had known each other for forever and even told each other that.  We call each other "SWEET OTHER ME", we are identical in most every way, including our height and weight.  We are both extremely into humanitarian issues and are now ready to go out and make this world a better place.  I am well blessed and extremely thankful I have been reunited.  We have lived at one time or another the identical same life events.  There is nothing more Sacred than this we compliment each other.  


Peace Light and Love




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