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Like everyone else here in this amazing, crazy, wonderful, magical Twin Flame journey, I have done my fair share of crying, ranting, screaming, wishing, hoping, and expecting way too much.  I have been impatient, demanding, wondered what the Universe wants of me, even wondered if it was all some sort of a Cosmic Joke, and like we have all been pawns in a "Clash of the Titans"  role playing game.   I have been hard-headed in many ways.  But finally, after 4 turbulent years in an online relationship,  I feel that I have enough hard-earned wisdom worth sharing.  So, this is what I have realized.  I hope this may help other Twins who are in a similar situation.  


1.  If you are blessed to meet your Twin online, as I met mine, and it turns out that you are separated by     miles/kilometers, depending on your locations,  you might as well prepare yourself for a Long Distance Relationship.  Ipso facto, that implies that this is NOT just a casual fling, not just dating, but a committed relationship, which hopefully, eventually will lead to a physical reunion.  Since this is a Twin Flame connection, this also implies a 3-way commitment, to SELF, TWIN, and HIGHER SELF/SOURCE/GOD(DESS) or whatever Higher Power you may believe in.  The Universe set this whole thing up, after all.  


2.  Take the terms running and chasing out of the vocabulary.  Replace that concept with an understanding that we don't run anywhere.  We might need a bit of a break sometimes (but not long, as my Twin reminds me), a bit of a Time Out, and Breathing Space, because things can get pretty hectic, and very intense sometimes in this journey we are on.  But don't force each other out of the picture, don't block or unfriend each other, don't just disappear without a word for weeks, months, or years.  Why hurt each other so bad?  


3.  NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE IMPORTANCE OF COMMUNICATION.  In any serious relationship, good communication is important, but especially in a LDR.  Communication is the life-blood of a Long Distance Relationship, and making good use of available communications technology is the vital life-line.  We are living in the Internet era, and blessed with fantastic tools for communication.  I really feel that so many of us are meeting our Twins now, because we had to wait for the technology to be invented and perfected.  Like many others, we met on Facebook.  What are the chances that, being 9300 miles from each other, on different continents, we would have met without the Internet.  I believe the Internet was part of the PLAN to get Twins together now.  So use the tools at hand to become better acquainted, enhance your connection, and enjoy each other and your relationship.  An online relationship can be a wonderful way to learn about, and with, your Twin, and create a good foundation for a future reunion. 


4.  VIVE LA DIFFERENCE!   One thing to remember, and accept, is that part and parcel of the Twin Flame paradigm can be differences in age, background, nationality, race, culture, religion, even sexual orientation, because the HEART doesn't care!  LOVE is truly blind in this instance.


 As Twins, we are here to knock down all the barriers and boundaries of the 3D world, which has separated humanity.  We are the pioneers in learning the ways of LOVE in a UNIFIED WORLD.  We are the ones to anchor the LOVE in our HEARTS, through OURSELVES, WITH OUR TWIN, and then radiate the LOVE in Circles and Ripples, to the whole planet.  Learn from and with each other,  share with each other, accept, love and enjoy each other, without conditions, and without expectations, staying in the NOW ZONE.   It took me a long time to understand this concept, and I bashed my head and bruised my heart, to say nothing of my EGO,  several times in the process...but my patient, gentle Twin never gave up, pushed my buttons, showed me the mirror, and reminded me every time:



5.  ACCEPT THE REALITY, NO MATTER HOW COMPLICATED IT MIGHT BE.   Along with the age gaps, and being in different locations, often thousands of miles away, part of the plan for Twins to shake things up, often is that one or both of them will be married, often with children, or in some other sort of serious relationship with somebody else.  Speaking from experience, that is one of the hardest, most painful lessons a Twin can face.  It complicates the situation for all concerned,  can bring about judging by others, guilt, fear, jealousy, and a whole litany of negative emotions.  It also forces the Twins to make some difficult decisions.  If one of the Twins is single,  she/he must not interfere or intervene, but leave the decisions up to the Twin who is dealing with the karmic relationship or marriage.  It can be very difficult to be on the side-lines, not really knowing what is going on,  while supporting and loving your Twin, not blaming him/her, but accepting your Twin AS IS,  and accepting the situation,  AS IT IS.


6.  REALITY CHECK!  Might as well face it.  Like it or not,  the reality is that you live separate lives,  a long way, and maybe several time zones,  from each other (that's why it's called a Long Distance Relationship), so you will have complications, and run the gamut of emotions.  Family, friends, jobs, school, hobbies, and other distractions in life will make it difficult to have daily connection, but try to make time for each other as often as you can, through phone calls, texting, Facebook chat and other Social Media, Skype and Skype video calling, etc.  Even if you are especially busy, still take time even just for a Good morning text,  or a Goodnight chat.  Little things mean a lot in this situation. 


7.  CLOUD BURSTS AND HURRICANES!  Yes, you will have disagreements, you will push each other's buttons, and sometimes you won't like the mirror effect.  Things will get intense sometimes, and you might get your feelings hurt, or get angry.  And, sometimes with chat or texting, which lacks the non-verbal cues of video, or the emotional voice inflections of a phone call, there can be innocent misunderstandings, which, if not noticed right away, can escalate into a fight.  It isn't a fun place to be, but we have learned to talk things out,  try to see each other's point of view,  if we can't agree completely, compromise if necessary, and if we are too upset, walk away and do something else, while keeping communications channels open.  We always apologize when we realize we hurt each other.  Usually, before we know what happened, we are back to bantering, chatting, and flirting, often in the same chat we started out on.  We have learned how important it is to keep channels open and NEVER block or unfriend each other.  Remember, Twins are so connected that if one hurts the other feels it.  


8.  DO NOT PLAY GAMES!!   Be open and honest with each other, respect each other, treasure the Love between you.  Accept each other completely.  Support each other as you can.  Trust each other, and honor your commitment.   Don't go chasing after others when things get rough.  Always follow your Heart, and surrender to this AMAZING LOVE.  It will always lead you HOME to each other.  

Another thing about playing games:  




Circles of Love

Like ripples on a pond, sparkling in the morning sun,

The Love we share radiates outwardly, until we are One;

It begins from my heart, as I send it to him, and for a while,

We play with the energy that we feel, my Twin and I,

Making more Love, with radiant Smiles, soaring through the skies.


Happy minutes we while away, as we chatter, flirt and play,

Too soon, I know we must go away,  to separate worlds, for another day;

But we'll bask in the Love we share, making life easier to bear,

And the Love and Light we'll share, with family and friends that we love there.


And so the Love and Light continue to go from each who receives it, soul to soul,

Making the day brighter, as it grows, and circles the earth from pole to pole,

Finally it ripples back to me, through the bond of Twin and Me,

And with happiness untold,  we meet again, at Love's door,

Sending out our ripples of gold,  Circles of Love, forevermore.  



I wrote this poem August 5, 2012.   It seems to be a good post-script here.  

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Thank you for sharing, Astranda. I met who I believe to be my twin flame online. Suprisingly he messaged me first and, he lived just 30 minutes away. Even more interesting was that he grew up in the same city as me. We met in person and it was amazing and we dated for a few months but we both knew he was going to move to another city. We broke up, and since he moved we don't talk. He just stopped talking. He never even said goodbye when he left. We chat very rarely here and there only online ans only because i send a message first. So I can't even keep constant communication with him.

You can always keep in constant communication with his soul, and he will feel it.  We don't always need to speak.

I am sorry to hear this, Leandra Rose, but, that often happens, especially in the first few months. But Twins always come back to each other eventually. The pull is too strong not to. And the connection cannot be broken.

Thanks for this post.  I actually moved from New Jersey to San Diego, Ca. to be with my twin flame, so distance matters not.

Excellent discussion and I so understand!


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