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Amid all the hoopla and hype and horror of the "End of the World" movement, all the fear and paranoia caused by recent events in the world, and the various interpretations of the significance of the Mayan Calendar and 2012,  there is another, quieter, more peaceful movement coming into play.  There are individuals, couples, and groups all over the world quietly working on themselves, coming to terms with their karma, and preparing for a new world based on the higher vibration of unconditional love. 


As the world continues its downward spiral into economic crash caused by uncontrolled greed in government and business, political and military unrest, and planetary upheaval caused by natural disasters,  a new consciousness is evolving.  The entire planet is preparing for ascension into a new reality, a new paradigm, and a higher frequency.  Humanity is preparing for a quantum leap in consciousness.


An important part of this evolution is the Twin Flame awakening.  Many people are suddenly finding themselves in relationships with their Twin Flame, the One who is their exact other half.  They are being called by their Higher Self, at this time, to learn unconditional love with each other, and then anchor their love into the evolving conscousness of the planet.  It is an intense learning experience for both partners, and an opportunity for both of them to clear up their karma. 


In my next discussion,  I will go into detail about the Twin Flame awakening, and tell about my own experiences. 

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