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While researching some part of chemistry relating to types of bonding I came across this page which talks about Van Arkel-Ketelaar triangles which are a type of model which expresses the various types of bonds different compounds might have. Then there was this image at the bottom:

How this relates to the Orgone concept is that the organic material will most often be made with compounds that have many covalent bonds while the inorganic material, typically a type of metal, has a metallic bond - if you can believe that!

I don't recall ever coming across the idea of using ionic compounds so this is where my fun begins.

Copper acetate, a lovely dark blue salt, is formed by the reaction of vinegar and copper oxide. This is in my opinion the perfect example of using a single compound for both aspects or Orgone production. I have yet to test this out as I'm still developing the idea for my first piece with the substance and what else to implement into it. I predict that it will be a very strong throat chakra harmonizer and some effect on the heart chakra!

Something to think about; batteries use the same concept of layering but add an extra layer called the electrolyte which carries the energy. Salts are electrolytes. So, what happens when we set up our Orgone layers with an 'electrolyte' layer between each material? I like to think that it'll become more efficient of a device!

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