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  • The Meditation Room

    197 members Latest Activity: Nov 8 A group where seekers can come for meditation and introspection.

  • Mystic Radio

    307 members Latest Activity: May 11

    Mystic Radio is an new online podcast station supported by the community at Esoteric Online - discussing various occult subjects with guest…

  • Community Book Club

    419 members Latest Activity: Oct 31

    The Esoteric Online Community Book Club is a place where seekers can share, review, and recommend interesting titles for reading, as well as means…

  • Tea

    54 members Latest Activity: Apr 7, 2019

    This was started to have conversations on "The drink of the Gods". good for anyone intrested in tea, and was started for a place to say Alex's Tea…

  • Healing Sounds

    169 members Latest Activity: Sep 17, 2018 Enjoy The Real True Power of Super Frequencies, Healing Overtones, Solfeggio DNA Arpeggio, Binaural Beats, Solfeggio Arpeggio 174, 285, 396, 417,…

  • Gnosticism

    357 members Latest Activity: Aug 31, 2019 A group to explore the aspects and practical application of Gnosticism.

  • Sufism

    95 members Latest Activity: Feb 20, 2019 A group to explore the aspects and practical application of the inner, mystical dimension of Islam known as Sufism

  • Jacob Boehme

    46 members Latest Activity: Jan 23, 2019 A place to discuss the mysticism of Jacob Boehme

  • Poetry of Awakening

    61 members Latest Activity: Aug 26, 2019 A series of poems and writtings dedicated to understanding the spiritual journey you are on.

  • Sacred text archive...

    155 members Latest Activity: May 11 All ancient books which have once been called sacred by man, will have their lasting place in the history of mankind, and those who possess the…

  • Esoteric Buddhist Mindfulness

    89 members Latest Activity: May 24, 2018

    A group to be mindful of the teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha and the Masters of Tibet.

  • Buddhism

    161 members Latest Activity: May 11 A group to explore the aspects and practical application of Buddhism

  • Gnostic Yoga

    24 members Latest Activity: Nov 25, 2017

    The path of the Gnostic yogi is not a path that should be taken to lightly, or into great significance. This is merely a path of self-discovery.…

  • Christianity

    119 members Latest Activity: Nov 5 A group to explore Esoteric Christianity

  • Suddha Bhakti-Yoga

    22 members Latest Activity: Nov 25, 2017 The teachings of Pure Bhakti-Yoga as taught by Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Gosvami Maharaj.

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