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Feeling as if a presence is in the room with you or upon you. Hearing unearthly voices or growls...'They' visit In between sleep and the waking realm. I am fascinated by this phenomena which has been happening to me since i was 16 years old.

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Night Entities

Information i found while looking up Entities. Strange how he describes the same details as i have experienced. ???

By Ian Heath
London, UK

An astral entity is a being that lives only in the astral world and does not live in the physical world that humans know. The only way for such a being to make contact with a human is via the dream state, when the mind of a human sleeper visits the astral world. See also the glossary for astral.

Easiest Defense:

One major difficulty is that the attack often seems to start when the sleeper is in the etheric state, rather than when in the astral state. The etheric state is easily recognized. In it the body is immovable, it feels as though it is paralyzed and as heavy as lead. And here lies the greatest anxiety. When in this state of total physical inertia, the body seems to be defenceless against the imminent attack. Some modern-day sleep researchers have given the name "sleep paralysis" to this stage of sleep.

Malevolent Entities:

On a few occasions the night entity seemed to be different from usual, or perhaps it was a different life form. On those occasions it was detected by its approaching aura of malevolence. This malevolence is as forcefully felt as a strong wind can be. Sometimes its approach is detected by its representation in a dream – the dream may be going along pleasantly when suddenly a ‘devil ’ or a black figure appears out of nowhere. Then it is time to wake up quickly, unless the sleeper wants to engage in mental battle with it.

Aura and Willpower:

Night entities do not always attack the sleeper. And the reason for this is that they often cannot. The person’s aura is maintained by his will. When the will is strong then entities cannot affect the sleeper, since they cannot penetrate the aura.

However, some emotional states weaken the will. Such states are usually those of depression and fear and the three modes of self-pity. [¹]. Plus the fact that the self-pity mode of jealousy finds sexual dreams very enticing. These emotional states weaken the strength of the aura and allow the entity to successfully penetrate the sleeper’s consciousness.

Therefore, one key to successful defense is to strengthen one's willpower.

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Started by Chaumzee. Last reply by Esther Groenevelt Jan 2, 2012. 6 Replies

Right before these visits occur here are some things that may take place:    * If you are sleeping in a face upwards or supine position (Very common)    * Irregular sleeping schedules; naps, sleeping…Continue

out of body ayy

Started by JxNeoDymiumX7 Dec 16, 2010. 0 Replies

I get that stuff fromm time to time sometimes I think its EVPContinue

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Comment by luis mendoza lopez on January 10, 2012 at 4:03am

How can we prevent" malevolent intrusions" in our homes?

Comment by DeMarie on August 28, 2011 at 6:04pm

I often get an unshakable feeling that a presence is in the room with me. I hear whispers sometimes, mainly at night. They have even whispered my name. It is a very scary experience for me. I often see shadow images out of the corner of my eye. Sometimes standing not to far from me, then I blink and their gone. I've also seen glowing orbs. In my childhood, up to the age of around 14, I have experienced incidents while in what you call the "etheric" state. I would fall asleep and awake to my body being barely movable. It felt as heavy as lead, as you stated. I also had this sensation (pin and needles pricking) all over my body, similar to when a portion of your body falls asleep. When I would try to move, it was just about impossible with little to no progress. I would sometimes awake to see numerous types of monstrous looking creatures standing over me, laughing, pointing, and taunting me. I couldn't scream. My mouth moved but no sound escaped. I also could hear my thoughts.  This use to happen every night at a point in my life, and now as a adult little to none. I would try to chunk it up as merely bad dreams as a child, although it has happened as an adult. I try to deny it being a "real" experience, but I know better that that now.


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