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The Mer Ka Ba

Mer- Light
Ka- Spirit (Energy)
Ba- Body

See Ezekiel 1.

The Mer Ka Ba is the vehicle which consciousness uses to explore itself. It consists of three sets of two interlocked tetrahedrons. These tetrahedrons spin counter to each other to create rotating fields of light. This disc shaped light field can transport one's consciousness to any dimension.

Referred to as a Star Tetrahedron, the Mer Ka Ba can be visualized as a 3D Star of David. The upwards pointed tetrahedron is male (yang polarity) and represents heaven energy. The downward tetrahedron is female (yin polarity) and represents Earth energy. The Star of David represents the union of male and female. As such one must be in harmony of the male and female polarity of the soul. In order to use the Mer Ka Ba one must understand that the soul is a fractal of God. Your consciousness is a fractal of the Universe.

From one hand length above your head to one hand length below your feet runs a column of energy through the spine. The chakras of the body run along this line. In eastern philosophy there are 8 chakras. In the ancient Egyptian system there are 13 chakras. The symphony of the universe is contained within the Mer Ka Ba in that these chakras emulate the octave scale. One can activate the light body and harmonize the energy centers of the body to resonate the frequencies of the universe.

There is a meditative process to achieve this. It involves 17 breaths to achieve resonance with the God-mind and an 18 breath which is revealed to the user once he or she is ready to take the next step into reality.

The Mer Ka Ba is the oldest most esoteric universal science. Cheers!

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Comment by Lightdragon on August 29, 2013 at 10:26pm

The Merkabah (Excerpt from The Study of Spirit (Wordpress)

The word Merkabah is taken from Hebrew and quite literally means “Chariot of the Soul”. It is an etheric construct designed to protect the riders’ consciousness, which takes the form of a star tetrahedron- a sort of three-dimensional star of David.  In the strictest possible sense the origins of the Merkabah in mythology stem back to the Torah, in the visions of Ezekiel, and indeed its commentaries and appendices. The description of said chariot reads thusly: •It is said that these chariots (the Merkabah) were driven by beings with the “Likeness of a Man.” •The ‘chariot’ itself is formed of four “living creatures”- which further research found to be the visible form of aether •The bodies of the creatures which make up the Merkabah are “like that of a human being”, but each of them has four faces, corresponding to the four directions the chariot can go (north, east south and west). The faces are that of a man, a lion, an ox (later changed to a cherub in Ezekiel 10:14) and an eagle. These angels are called the Chayot. •Each Chayot  angel also has four wings. Two of these wings spread across the length of the chariot and connected with the wings of the angel on the other side. This created a sort of ‘box’ of wings that formed the perimeter of the chariot. With the remaining two wings, each angel covered its own body. •Below, but not attached to the feet of the “Chayot” angels are other angels that are shaped like wheels. These wheel angels, which are described as “a wheel inside of a wheel”, are called Ophanim. •The face of the man always faces East, and looks up at the driver, who sits upon a “throne of sapphire”.

[. . .] Now, the power source of the Merkabah described in the Torah is actually expanded upon in the Bible: A third type of angel called the Seraphim.

Now, anyone who has studied theology is well aware of the supposed power of the Seraphim or “burning angels”, and according to the bible the power of these beings was transmitted in vertical patterns, ascending and descending along the perimeter of the Merkabah. These pulses of literally glowing energy were what provided the actual etheric energy which allowed the chariot to move.

Ok, so we’ve gone over the basics of Merkabah construction, we have the Chayot, the chassis, the ‘wheels’ or drive system, the Ophanim and the power source, the seraphim. Three key components which are prerequisite to any self-powered vehicle today, be they automotive, nautical or aeronautic, the Merkabah follows roughly the same concept, except rather than metal, wood and fuel the entire construct is that of aether brought to form by the will of the Soul.

Excerpt From The Study of Spirit March 2012 Wordpress

Comment by Lightdragon on July 31, 2013 at 6:41am


This is a workshop in energy with the Star Tetrahedron by Victor Glanckopf for those interested in energy.  It is very powerful and does require some experience in energy work.  I HIGHLY recommend it.  You will be amazed.

Comment by Swish on April 12, 2013 at 7:35pm

So, a couple nights ago I had an interesting dream about a Merkaba.  I was standing on a stoop in front of some type of building with a group of unknown persons.  In the dream it seemed to be sometime in the afternoon, based on the fact the sun was still out.  I should also note that it was really cloudy as well, the big puffy ones you usually see on a nice day after a rain.   Well, all of a sudden I hear strange sound that I can't remember what it was reminiscent of and I looked out straight ahead about 200 yards and few hundred feet up.  What I saw was a cylinder hole punched out in one of the clouds, I'm assuming it was sucked out because immediately after noticing there was a hole in the cloud their was a suction of air going into the hole in the cloud with leaves blowing everywhere and me getting a bit worried we about to sucked into this upward flow of wind.  As tensions were rising, all of sudden a pulsating gold and transforming merkaba appeared and was floating in from the hole in the cloud.  It was very vibrant and energetic and the lines in the form were gold.  It seemed to be either spinning or transformation in on itself, I couldn't tell.  It moved sporadically in and out of the hole in the cloud and I remember being astonished and telling whoever was standing next to me, that it was a Merkaba.  I kept telling him that, I'm assuming because their was some importance to fact I knew what it was and it was appearing and presenting itself for a reason which I didn't know yet.  Then the dream ended.  Interesting stuff indeed.  I never have dreamed about a Merkaba or had been thinking about or seen one in quite some months.  I'm not sure why it presented itself in my dream, but I thought I would share it in this Merkaba group.

Comment by Ki'Dasa Durga on April 4, 2013 at 8:14pm
Comment by Adam Kadmon on April 4, 2013 at 2:26am

Comment by sean gereson on December 17, 2012 at 5:20pm

Great finding a group discussing the merkaba. It's relatively new to me so I'm hoping to find a deeper understanding withyou good people. Peace on you all.

Comment by Marie Latting on October 2, 2012 at 11:23am

I have studied Mer Ka Ba somewhat.  I like the meditation technique, so I will be back for lots more

Comment by Rafael Cadenas on March 8, 2012 at 1:03pm

It seems to me that Merkaba ,in practical terms, is similar to the raising of the kundalini energy and not a meditation.

Has anybody practiced this?

Is there a methodology to activate this?  

Comment by Ki'Dasa Durga on September 25, 2011 at 7:07am

So, I've managed to map out Universal Energy Flow from the Source Consciousness through the 32 Chakras. The 20 Chakras of the Spirit Realm have been mapped out via the Tree of Life. (See my blog/photos/website for more details)

What I've found interesting is that the Spheres/Sefiroth and the 10 Pathways that I use form the outline of the Merkaba. A Master Level Attunement of Tamashii Reiki charges and activates the Merkaba.

Comment by Turukai on September 21, 2011 at 12:55am
This has tickled my fancy I shall be back with more

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