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What brings you to Esoteric Online?
Seeking self knowledge ultimately but most immediately I was interested in your online library and the amazing resources available there. I was also interested in the communities available and video libraries too.
Current Path
Favorite Sacred Sciences
Undecided, however that which is within.
About Me
I am a perpetual seeker. I was raised in a basically non-religious home but due to some experiences I had in childhood and youth I was very taken by religious thought and study for most of my formative years which led me to study philosophy, logic, and theology. But overall I am interested in learning about myself and the world at large from all angles if possible while deferring to my own sense of things.
Astrological Sign
Favorite Books
I am not sure if I have a set of favorites although I have read many. I simply like anything that sparks my soul and the fires of my mind at the moment. I do however particularly like "Zarathustra" by Nietzsche because of the skill he showed in crafting that work. I feel like each soul is its own book and author both writing and wanting to be read.
Favorite Films
As with the books I don't have favorites as I tend to have very different perspectives from most and am moved by things most people don't care about. With that said I really enjoyed "The Tree of Life" for its beauty and the way it calls the viewer to self exploration non-verbally. I also really enjoyed "Schenectady New York" and the "Matrix" for the amazing way they were able to introduce and work with complex ideas visually and invite the viewer to engage the concepts and themselves. Most recently, I have enjoyed "Melancholia" for the beauty of the film and for how it played with the esoteric subjects incorporated in modern films but with interesting twists and for the respect it shows to the main characters struggles (which I loosely identified with).

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At 2:41pm on September 22, 2014,

you paint the picture with complete clarity...there are many paths to this reality.  What more is there to do but show the kindness of sharing a path exists, and the hope folks find theirs?  

It's simple for me to empathize, prior to my own experience I was one among the many in a sea of blindness.  This doesn't alter the reality thrust upon me, but it sure helps understand what I see around me now.  When we separate the subtle from the gross, the gross becomes less subtle.

At 2:01pm on September 22, 2014,

for my meaning the thoughts projected by others...fear - judgement - false beliefs - false opinions 

hard to explain it...but interacting with people (family) whom are still stuck in the foo is a drain.  I mean I can ignore it - but where certain close family members are concerned it can seem oppressive to me.  When my soul feels oppressed I have a hard time containing my frustration.  Here the thoughts I am having concern me, because they contradict themselves.  I assume, based on teachings, that I must be patient.  But it isn't easy!  If that makes sense to anyone - please share your insights.  I am here to grow!

At 10:06am on September 22, 2014,


I thought more about you question...

I may have missed the can look at this and decide.

my integration began with questions that had unsatisfactory answers regarding my illness/recovery.  Docs said a good patient and listen to the DR.  Maybe I didn't do LSD enough growing up to grasp the scope of hallucination...maybe this happens when they last longer...why was she talking to me???  It's a tough one to sort out...many barriers...people have no clue.  

Edgar Cayce was the guy I found first...not even sure how.  Reading his thoughts/readings and the overwhelming volumes of proof he was the real deal.

Ironically a mystical revelation at my home led me to Egypt...thankfully my wife witnessed this, for reasons too obvious to go into.  Then I found Thoth/Hermes   Then Hall, which was cliff's notes to Nirvana.  Now here to learn other paths (Astrotheology at present) and continue the fantastic eternal life I am blessed with.  I have more questions than answers...otherwise what would be the point in coming here.  My questions wont be answered to completion in many lifetimes...and that pursuit over those many changes is my fantastic endeavor.

At 10:34pm on September 19, 2014,

Hey Albert,  welcome to EO.  I don't mind talking about my experience at all.  I find it less trying when asked questions.  So if there is anything you want to ask feel free,  if it's something I have an awareness of I will share it.  The piece I blogged is the most complete and accurate depiction I have seen in any literature.  The "final rite" is sublimely hinted in few ancient texts...Apuleius in Metamorphosis and Plutarch in Isis and Osiris are two examples Manly Hall identifies in Words to the Wise...A Practical Guide to the Esoteric Sciences.


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