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What brings you to Esoteric Online?
Finding and sharing like minds
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About Me
Writer, Musician, Poet and student of arcane and esoteric wisdom and philosophy.
Astrological Sign
Favorite Books
The Perennial Philosophy, CG Jung's text on Alchemy, The Gnostic Religion by Hans Jonas and way too many to mention. The Kybalion, Paradise Lost,
Favorite Films
The Golden Compass, The Fountain, Zeitgeist movie, What the bleep do we know,

Sermon from the Dung Heap

Below is a excerpt from a novel I am writing. It is bits and pieces of Zosimos's visions. It just worked so well with what I was trying to say.

“Inhabitants of Parcae,” Lucerne shouted, from a top the dung heap. “I am pointing the way to Paradise, to the mystic journey. I will make you a witness of the mysteries of God and to the secrets of nature. For the one who walks among you, the stone, he is the process, the messenger of the gods, the son of Nature and the fruit of the liquid element. He ascends from earth to heaven. He receives the power of above and below, and puts off his earthly and impure nature, and clothes himself in the heavenly nature. He then descends again to earth again where his power is complete. He is the one and at times many in himself.
He is the primeval chaos, the philosophic man,the light of lights, the light that surpasses all other lights. He is the process, the beginning, middle, and the end of the work. He is the Mediator, the Servator, and the Salvator. He is the divine emanation of harmony with God's own being.
Citizens of Parcae, plant your tree on the stone. That it fear not the pummeling of the wind. That the birds of Heaven may come and multiply on its branches, for then cometh wisdom. For the tree of contemplation has seven branches and on each branch a bird, and on each a flower.
O' how many understand not the sayings of the wise; these have perished because of their foolishness; for they lacked spiritual understanding. The art is rightly both difficult and dangerous, anyone that is reckless will shun it as most evil.
I shall not keep silent about the Science. Which has led most of those who work in it into confusion; because there are few indeed who find what they seek. So, an infinite number have plunged to their ruin. The work proceeds from a sublime and most glorious place of great terror, which has given many sages to death. If you should suddenly see this transformation, wonder, fear, and trembling will befall you. Therefore work with caution.

At times spirits will oppose the work. At other times this opposition will not be present. They will try to instill negligence, impeding our intentions. Everywhere he creeps about, within and without, causing oversights, fear and unpreparedness. At other times, he seeks by harassment and injuries to make us abandon the work. Be careful not to profane the mastery of the work. Or, risk inviting him in.
The perfection of the work does not lie in the power of the process alone, but God the most merciful himself bestows it upon whom he will. And, in this point lies all the danger. For the perfection is greater than man's consciousness and greater than his will.
O' soul, O' spirit with me stay, that I may greet the light of day. Hero of peace come forth from me. Whom the whole world would like to see.”

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Jeffrey S Turnbull's Blog

Heaven is where your Heart is.

Posted on October 27, 2011 at 9:07am 1 Comment

Heaven is where your Heart is.

How many of you at times feel that you are in this World, but not of it?  It is not uncommon to feel this way.  For many of us these are the first stirrings, the first pangs of discontent with the world of matter, or the physical World.  Many…


Don’t curse the Darkness: Spontaneously Combust.

Posted on October 22, 2011 at 10:03am 2 Comments

Don’t curse the Darkness: Spontaneously Combust.


It’s easy to fan the flames - try blowing on the embers.

Are you feeling stuck, and powerless?  Going through the same routine – going to work, looking for a job, or maybe you are in a…


The World Soul is Waking and will Occupy Everywhere.

Posted on October 19, 2011 at 9:00am 4 Comments



        What we call forth will heal us, what is not called forth and repressed will cause us suffering and pain.  The World Soul is aching and writhing because we have denied and distracted ourselves with the material world. 


        Those who Occupy Wall Street and other cities across the world are frustrated and their Souls are calling out for more than equality in equity but are seeking unity and harmony, and they are doing it in equanimity; apparently…


Spiritual Evolution is the Soulution

Posted on October 10, 2011 at 12:12pm 3 Comments

Spirtual Evolution is the Soulution

When someone smiles at you do you smile back?  Do you hold the door for people or let people in when you are driving as you rush to and fro from work?  Do you volunteer, or offer to help when someone is carrying more…


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At 2:13am on October 10, 2011, Sunmover said…
Blessings and thank you!
At 8:32am on January 29, 2010, Frater B.-L. Seth Morris said…
Thanks for Joining the forum. I encourage any and everyone to jump in and give there impressions. There is no right and wrong. Only your spiritual sensations and impressions.
B.L.-Seth Morris FRC.,
Omnia Mutantur Nihil Interit
At 1:02pm on January 23, 2010, Mark Perrin said…
Thank you for the welcome. I am grateful to be a part of and have access to this site. Staying in gratitude as well as inspired and focused is easier with these materials at hand. Thank you very much, Love Mark

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