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I AM without question

Welcome to the Future Now!

ALOHA sparkle of the ONE!

I AM.. that ~o~ I AM.. and so are you. these days of great TRANSFORMATION and great revival...I AM here and my Focus is in the Physical Dimension.. I am in this world yet my origin is off this world... i perceive and through my chakra system i broadcast consciousness to physicality.... Thoughts are the buliding blocks of reality...My Heart is my navigation System and Vision my gift :) I Have my being established in multidimensional reality. Primary Color of my Souls Ray is a SkyBlue. I am baptized in fire. I sacrificed a lot to join this GREAT WORK for the purpose of Ascencion while being incarnated in a physical body. I am empathic visionary with innate psychic abilities. My purpose is to Create and Inspire.. The Gates of consciousness. manifesting abundance programs... Inspiring the New Human and co-creating the Higher Dimensional reality field for the ascended Planet Earth. I AM the One essence of the UNIVERSAL LIFE Force~

I am an AWAKENED Creator TONAL Source! Elohim of the Master Ray of Divine Illumination. Tonal Vibration = 11. Lineage = El, SoulGroup = ElAnRa, Master Ray = Blue, Affliation: Pleiades & Arcturus
Purpose: Creation of New Earth
Full Activation of Spiritual Power planned on: 2012

My divine intervention and presence is aligned as "the essence of the Cosmic Architect" known as Nathan or Nathanael with whom I am in Holy Union 111 ~o~ I recognize Nathanael as my Higher Self or the Holy Guardian Angel.
I AM in the process of full spiritual Activation.

"To empower another, is to empower yourself.
To celebrate another, is to celebrate yourself.
And to free another, is to free yourself.I say empower, celebrate, and free them all.

The Universe

"The Trivia"

Nathanael is also known as the Angel of Divine Retribution "Archangel NAT*AN*EL (Nathanael, Natanael, Nataniel, Natiel, Zathael, Zatriel) serves as an Archangel of the Tenth Ray of Divine Illumination. Archangel NAT*AN*EL (Nathanael) came to this Local Universe after many millenium of distinguished service as an Archangel in another Local Universe that has always been aligned with Divine Will, Divine Harmony, Divine Authority, Divine Love, Divine Light and Divine Power. As a resident visiting Cosmic Angel, He is known as Natha*iel (Nathanael) one of the divinely gifted retribution angels sent to settle malingering karmic debts. ~o~ "I exercised dominion over the celestial fires and did not hesitate to use them when deemed appropriate and necessary." As Nathanael during Biblical times, "I interceded to save the lives of seven men who refused to offer sacrifices to Baal. In order to show that the sacrifice of either animals or humans was an inappropriate ritual to show reverence to deity." His name is inscribed on Hebrew charms to ward off evil. ~o~ As Nathael, He was one of the first born universal angels of the presence who was also known as one of the Holy Sephiroth riposte reprisal angels."I increase and bequeaths seekers of appropriate attitudes with dedicated caretaking as they proceed step by step from forceful disheartening impediment to gentle heartening comforting facilitation." ~o~ "I Live In My Center surrounded by My Life. I Die, I Live, Through the Ages. Above all strife. Being the Wise Man, or the Fool, Fighting Dragons, or Surrendering to Roaches, Matters Not, To the Fearless One who has faced Death and Lives in the Service of God!" ~o~ "I Am here to create a New Way of Being... to Inspire and Activate the Starseeds of the Earth...[I AM] here to co-create&manifest the Divine Plan for this Earth ;) and i have no interest in any kind of nonsense :) I am the One Essence of the 12 Zodiac Archetypes and the one essence of the Divine Artist Archetype. I AM that I AM `~and The Earth is my witness.11:11

" it's easier to accept others, than to change them.
It's wiser to understand them, than to get angry.
And most of the time, it's more fun to love 'em, than to leave 'em."

I currently run a home based familly business named~o~ InspiredMedia.
The purpose of InspiredMedia is to incorporate my soul's purpose into a creative effort. Purpose of ~o~ InspiredMedia company is to produce visually immensive and thought provoking ideas and solutions that assist planetary consciousness change.

Our inspiration is the future where values of Honesty, Trust, Joy, Happines, Peace, Awareness, Acceptance and mutual Prosperity rule in all areas of Culture and Life.

We aim to support the process of spiritual awakening on the planetary scale by Broadcasting and Production of the Angelically coded Design (TM) - Inspirational services & products distributed through Global Internet Market.

Profile Information

What brings you to Esoteric Online?
Sacred Symbology and
seeking ways to practicaly applicate my Spiritual Powers and Innate Abilities
Favorite Sacred Sciences
Hermetism, Kybalion, Astrology, Angelology, Occultism
About Me
I AM an activated Crystalline Sovereign. I act upon this planet as New Energy Designer and Producer and I currently run my European based Conscious familly business ~o~ InspiredMedia company.
Producing ART & Design for Digital Worlds.
Running a Line of Soul Empowering products.
Network Management.
Favorite Books
The Song of Creation, The Book of Life, The Book of Light, The Black Book of Magic
Favorite Films
Avatar, Iron Man

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At 8:24pm on June 19, 2010, Richard Thomas said…
Brightest Blessings of the All In One,

We shall indeed connect at some future point as it is meant to be. I see your shining star set out from the firmament and observe the twinkling of your spirit therein. Yes the time to evolve and ascend is here for sure.
Adonia El Shadai Ha Qadosh Elohim Beni Sephira Tetragrammaton


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~o~ Nathanael's Inspired ART (gallery)

Posted on June 18, 2010 at 11:00am 2 Comments

~I AM NATHANAEL and this my work of ART~…

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